by almag 21 Sep 2013

Now I'm really scared!!!!

I've just read that Christmas is just 95 days away (94 in AussieLand) and half of the first one has already slipped by.
Three months sounded bad enough, for goodness sake, without breaking that time down to days.
Where did this year go???

The children begin their Spring holidays next week and it seems only last week that I was wishing them a good Term Three at school.

Come on, sunshine, warm us up down here and get us moving!!!!!


by bobbies 22 Sep 2013

Here in Brisbane we really don't want it to warm up anymore than it is - it is supposed to be 37C (about 100F) on Thursday and it is only September !

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almag by almag 22 Sep 2013

37C!!!!!!! Oh joy!!! I've dreamed all winter of my daughter who lives in Arizona, walking out into that glorious sunshine every day. Well, actually they try not to but it's there to be enjoyed. When I go over there I bask in the heat like a lizard.
37C really is too hot for September, I agree, especially when the real hot Aussie Summer is just around the corner.

by 02kar Moderator 22 Sep 2013

Time is certainly running away much too quickly. Fortunately I had begun back in August so I am in good shape for Christmas. But I am very excited about being back home in our own home next Christmas.

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almag by almag 22 Sep 2013

I do so admire people who can organise themselves. I'm so old now that I'm sure self-organisation will never be my forte..... but I did have wonderful plans at the beginning of the year. I was going to create a Christmas Club - I would be the leader, president, executive officer and club member. I was going to make something Christmassy every week and be loaded with Christmas goodies by December. It was going to be a great fun year.
It never happened.

by airyfairy 22 Sep 2013

Alma - the time goes so fast and I usually only worry about Christmas a couple of weeks beforehand. These days I hardly do any embroidery for Christmas presents as friend and relations have so much I have done in the past. We in S Africa are also wondering where our summer is. September has been so terribly cold and windy. Sarah.

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almag by almag 22 Sep 2013

I think your weather sweeps across the ocean, misses Perth completely and lands right on our doorstep, picking up a few cold fronts on the way. I think that a great many people will be suffering from Vit D deficiency this year.... where I live at least. I know the sun is up there and when it does eventually get through the clouds it's going to be hot.