by lucy1234 09 Aug 2013

I would like to find book mark designs, please


by eyeztodiefor10 10 Aug 2013

Designs by Sick has quite a few bookmarks. You didn't specify if you want fsl or applique ones. There are both kinds on this site. This link is from a search of DBS site for bookmarks. Hope it helps!

by bevintex 10 Aug 2013

look under Lesezeichen for lots of bookmarks and free, Under free designs

by boogie1818 10 Aug 2013

KIWI 140 or KIWI 40 cost $1.00 and are very cute. They are 5 x 7" and an assortment of animals. I just bought them this week so I hope the sale is still on. Gook luck.

by jobaby 10 Aug 2013

Kiwi has some fun animal ones but there are several in the DBC files. Unlimited has quite a few at very reasonable prices as well as Designs by Sick.

by cowgirl4ever 09 Aug 2013

Anita Goodesign has some nice ones, Embroidery Library has some as well and if you join the Christmas club you can buy the set at discount. There are also some cute animal ones that some one on Etsy digitized.

by lilylady 09 Aug 2013

fsl bookmarkers at tavernmaker