by askmcv 08 Aug 2013

Hi, cuties.

My 90-year-old mother visited me for two weeks and we spent a lot of our time sewing up these stuffed toys (patterns from for my grandson Jack's first birthday. They were super easy to make and turned out wonderful! ( a lot of hand sewing is required, which I loved to sew with Mom)


by hightechgrammy 03 Oct 2013

These are adorable! Do you have to sew all the arms and legs on individually and by hand? How about the ears?

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askmcv by askmcv 03 Oct 2013

Yes. The individual pieces are sewn ITH, but the animals have to be sewn together by hand. It made for a lovely quiet time with my mom and brought back so many memories as we sat and sewed in our three- season room most afternoons. Time just flew!

by vickiannette 24 Sep 2013

Lovely work Claire.

by pennifold 24 Sep 2013

How gorgeous are all of these stuffed toys? I am so pleased to read that you got to do them with your Mum. Great memories. Love Chris

by askmcv 24 Sep 2013

Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments. Jack's favourite is the monkey..

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sewilso by sewilso 03 Oct 2013

Very cute baby and cute stuffies! Memories with Mom will always be cherished, so glad you spent this time with her doing fun things.

by cfidl 12 Aug 2013

You have quite the menagerie. So glad you have time with your Mom. Best wishes. Christine

by haleymax 08 Aug 2013

Precious gifts for the little one. I know he will love them.

by camylow 08 Aug 2013

I am glad you had a nice time with your mother...Glad to see you on...loves and hugs deanna

by spendlove Moderator 08 Aug 2013

Great set of cuddlies (including little Jack, I'm sure!)

by 02kar Moderator 08 Aug 2013

It is a great ending to a fun project by lovely ladies for a wonderfuil child.

by cj2sew 08 Aug 2013

I bet these are going to become his favorite toys. He will love them forever.

by laffma1 08 Aug 2013

Wow - Jack is one lucky little boy to be getting all of these toys. And, so lovingly made by his grandmother & great grandmother. What a treasure he will surely enjoy!!!

by jrob Moderator 08 Aug 2013

Claire, they are ADORABLE and I'm so happy to see you here I don't know what to do!