by babolucia 22 Jul 2013

Table set

I made this set last year for Carolyn. The placemat front are "woven" with pieces that I sliced up with rotary cutter randomly and then finished with serger and decorative thread. I used purple for half of the placemat backing and yellow for the other half since I don't have enough of each.

The hot pads are "10 minute potholders" that I learned from youtube. I adapted the idea and made them in round shape too.

I also made an oven mit and a square potholder.

With the left over pices from the placemat backings, I made a simple bag to put everything in it.

The apron is in the same fabric for someone else. Very basic.


by highlandermom 23 Jul 2013

Wonderful work you have done on all these. Your friend is so blessed to have you in her life.

by oaro 23 Jul 2013

love it great gift

by capoodle 23 Jul 2013

Lovely gifts.

by lidiad 22 Jul 2013

Love this set. well done!
Hugs, Lidia

by pldc 22 Jul 2013

very nice. hugs Loralye

by shirley124 22 Jul 2013

This set is lovely. Your landlady must have been thrilled with this gift..

by noah 22 Jul 2013

So you sewed something for me "Carolyn" how wonderful i can give u my address in Private big hugs lol ,lol

babolucia by babolucia 22 Jul 2013

^-^, what a coincidence. Carolyn was my landlady for 2 years and we became friends. She is 40 years older than me. This was her housewarming gift when she sold her house and moved into a condo last year.

noah by noah 22 Jul 2013

Ahhhhhhhhhh so sad and here i though********lol hugs anyways lol

by 02kar Moderator 22 Jul 2013

You did a wonderful job on each item.

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babolucia by babolucia 22 Jul 2013

Thank you!

by clawton 22 Jul 2013

Very nice!

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babolucia by babolucia 22 Jul 2013