by designcrazy 10 Jul 2013

I'm thinking about making headbands, anyone know of an ITH headband design?


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by pennifold edited 13 Jul 2013

I know there is a free 3d butterfly on Lianestitch's site. It is gorgeous. If the link doesn't work - go to FREE DESIGNS tab and click on the Butterfly tab (Schmetterlinge) about halfway down the page. Love and blessings Chris

This information is for jburton. Love Chris

by pennifold 13 Jul 2013

Yep, I know of one and it's gorgeous. Love and blessings Chris

by christracey 13 Jul 2013

Embroidery Library has a how to in projects with a pattern if this helps, it's not ITH though. Still thinking otherwise.....

by christracey 13 Jul 2013

I'm pretty sure I've seen some somewhere but I'll have to think about

by jburtonbr549 10 Jul 2013

I am wondering if the three dimensional butterfly by...oops forgot name...would look nice glued to a headband. The headband could be wrapped in ribbon also.

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designcrazy by designcrazy 12 Jul 2013

Thanks for your reply, is the butterfly on this site?