by toogie ( edited 26 May 2014 ) 10 Jul 2013

This baby gown is over 60 years old.It was made by my SIL 's grandmother,Elanora. They are naming the baby after her.Grandmother Elanora, hand emb and HAND constructed (sewed) the complete gown and slip!She made it for my sil's aunt, when she had her.The aunt has never had any children, so she passed it down to my SIL since they are naming the baby after her mom.There have been other girls born to my SIL 's brothers , but she didn't give it to any of them , my daughter appreciates it, I know .she also crocheted a bonnet and booties, I will include later,when I finish soaking them


by babsie 11 Jul 2013

Lovely dress and somethig to treasure.

by dianap 11 Jul 2013

what a beautiful dress to own.

by marianb 10 Jul 2013

Beautiful work an amazing heirloom

by capoodle 10 Jul 2013

It is amazing with details and so well taken care of to be this old. Make you wonder what we could do without our fancy machines.

by pldc 10 Jul 2013

an incredible labour of love! there is love in every single stitch! just beautiful & the story that goes with it too, hugs Loralye

by noah 10 Jul 2013

Wow this is truly a work of art and Love !!God is so good to you that it came into your family again:):) be blessed Carolyn

by dragonflyer 10 Jul 2013

A true work of love and art...what a wonderful heirloom to have to be enjoyed, cherished and passed along...

by kathymourie 10 Jul 2013

Beautiful!!! What a precious gift.

by sbott54 10 Jul 2013

What a treasure this is to have passed down. Lovely, really lovely. The time it took her to make it all by hand is astonishing for today's sewists. Thank you for sharing.

by oaro 10 Jul 2013

yes is beautiful dress

by toogie 10 Jul 2013

All the tucks, the lace insertion, buttonholes, EVERYTHING, was sewn by hand.I took it to my magnifing light to see.When I told my daughter, she hadn't realized. We are impressed, hope you are too-Toogie