by mysew1325 10 Jul 2013

this is a bromilade and it blooms only once .. it will last about 5 to 6 months... it is very spikey and stiff.. almost artificial .. I have it in my is about 6 inches across and almost 6 inches tall..


by gramsbear 15 Jul 2013

Amazing!!! Beautiful, thanx for sharing! never knew of this, Hugs, Judy

by kezza2sew 14 Jul 2013

Wow isn't Nature amazing. To think of all the wonderful things God created we are so blessed aren't we? this one is extremely pretty. I have a few but not this one, may keep my eye out for one...thanks for sharing I just love flowers of all sorts.

by mlbell70 14 Jul 2013

It would be truly amazing to see this flower

by baydreamer 13 Jul 2013

beautiful thank-you for sharing this for all

by clawton 13 Jul 2013

What a unique plant. I haven't seen one of those. It is beautiful.

by sewilso 12 Jul 2013

That is beautiful!!!!

by shirlener88 11 Jul 2013

What an amazing plant - it is so lovely.

by cfidl 11 Jul 2013

Wow - it is gorgeous! How does the next one come, by seed?

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 11 Jul 2013

it has to grow a pup off the side of the plant .. then that plant will grow a new flower..

by zoefzoef 11 Jul 2013

lovely flowers ! it since that they stay this beautifull for such a long time

by airyfairy 11 Jul 2013

These are such beautiful plants. Thank you for sharing. Sarah.

by noah 10 Jul 2013

Awesome i love flowers wish it wasn;t so cold so i cold grow some lovely ones .u are blessed !!hugs carolyn

by 02kar Moderator 10 Jul 2013

Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

by lenamae 10 Jul 2013

beautiful don't think I have ever saw one bloom before.

by capoodle 10 Jul 2013

It has been a while since I grew these when I lived in south Florida. I called mine Aechmea Fasciata Silver King and they make runners called pups that will start a new plant like Suzanne mentioned below. They are very pretty when in bloom. I had another variety that made an orange bloom but have forgotten it's name. I attempted to grow some after we moved to the mountains but the winter heat dried it out too much.

by basketkase 10 Jul 2013

Wow, this flower is stunning!! Thanks for sharing it!

by barba 10 Jul 2013

Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing.
Hugs, Barba

by sdrise 10 Jul 2013

Beautiful ! I have one that I have had for many many years. After the flower dies a new plant will emerge. it takes a while but keep water in the urn part and feed it once in a while. They say the mother plant dies but mine stayed for a long long time. My plant has split into 4 already. I have had 4 flowers and waiting for a new plant to come out again. Suzanne.

by gerryvb 10 Jul 2013

it's beautiful, lovely color too :)

by cherylgauteng 10 Jul 2013

Really lovely - thanks for sharing this with me.

by lilylady 10 Jul 2013

Beautiful, just love plants like this. enjoy!