by contessasophie 29 Jun 2013


Can anyone help me please. I was inspired by one of the cuties to make this burp cloth. But I am having trouble with it. Can anyone please let me know why I get white showing around the tigers nose and mouth. (see pictures attached) It cant be the design because liques tiger looks great.
PS. I am appliqueing on a padded prefold nappy. I have had this problem even when embroidering on single thickness.


by mirentxu 10 Jul 2013

Esta hermoso...y mi sugerencia es que uses el mismo color arriba y abajo es decir el mismo hilo y el mismo color en la bobina, asi si se pasa no se notara. espero que te haya sido de ayuda :)

by contessasophie 10 Jul 2013

Again thank you very much to everyone who helped me with this problem. I thought I would share with you what I have found out so far.
I changed the bobbin thread to brother brand as my machine is brother and I used different top thread. I think the top thread I was using was a cheapie and was not giving me good results. So I am not sure whether it was the bobbin thread or the top or both but another design I did came out ok. Will try the tiger again on the weekend.
So much to learn and so little time!

by toogie 09 Jul 2013

I am happy you got some help here and I like your little tiger.Could you please tell where you found him, the design?

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contessasophie by contessasophie 10 Jul 2013

Hi, I bought the design from adorable applique. Link below

by justsew 05 Jul 2013

try one pice of paper cut to fit in bobbin rub bit of oil on it first.

by 1ladyb 05 Jul 2013

I have always been told that if your bobbin thread show it is because the upper tension is off. You might need to add an extra piece of stabilizer also. Making burps is sometimes a pain because diaper cloth is hard to stitch through and one will turn out fine and the next one will be bad. Good luck. That is a cute design.

by hightechgrammy 04 Jul 2013

Here's another opinion....
I've had this many many times and what I've decided the best method for success for me is to follow these guidelines:
You need to have a good needle, new to start. I use size 11 ball point on most projects
I use only cut away stabilizer, floating on the bottom.
I use size 40 Poly on the top, size 60 prewound bobbin thread on the bottom (You should see just a tiny bit of the top thread on the bottom side if the tension is right)
IF YOU STILL HAVE THE PROBLEM your machine needs adjusted. You may be able to get by temporarily with adjusting tension.
Until I can get in to get my machine adjusted, I use the same thread top and bottom.
I have found that sometimes those darn permanent markers aren't so permanent and the colors run, so be careful with them, they can ruin a whole project and that is very frustrating.
This is what works for me on projects like these!

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hightechgrammy by hightechgrammy edited 04 Jul 2013

I'm guessing the reason you only see this in a couple of colors is because of the very subtle difference in thread weights. Also, this is how I do woven projects. With knits, I use a sticky backed stabilizer then float cut away underneath. :-)

by susiesembroidery 04 Jul 2013

You have had very good advice. I wish you luck - I think it happens to most of us and we get used to it - the pens work very well in case of need.

by airyfairy 01 Jul 2013

I also used to have terrible trouble with this sort of thing, especially when doing script. Since using pre wound bobbins I have never had any trouble. I think it is because they are so tightly would. The tips with a pen also work wonders. Good luck. Sarah

by contessasophie 29 Jun 2013

Thanks to all who replied. I will try all the suggestions hopefully one has to work.

by marianb 29 Jun 2013

I sometimes have the same problem, other colours are fine when use dark colours the bobbin comes through so I now make sure to use the same on the bobbin as top thread.. it's a pain changing all the time but worth it,,Hope this helps a little Marian

by rsloan 29 Jun 2013

Jun 29, 2013 - I had this problem too and it turned out that my bobbin case in the machine needed to be replaced. They switched it out in the repair shop and TaDah - no more troubles.

by shilly 29 Jun 2013

Sometimes the bobbin thread is the problem; have inserted it with the thread coming out in the wrong side or upside down. Other times the bobbin was not wound quite right, it happens..check these things out before taking it in for service...

by ansalu 29 Jun 2013

Have sometimes the same problem (but not on single parts of the design). Like Sue suggests I would use a permamnet marker for fabric to color the white into black. I have a permamnet marker from Prym in black for the outlines and a few in different colors if I have a gap between the stitching.
Greetings, Bettina

by sewilso 29 Jun 2013

What kind of machine do you have? I know some machines are picky about the brand of bobbin thread. Mine is a babylock and if I don't use the recommended brand mine will do that. They do say I can adjust the tension as well, but I've not tinkered with it as when I do regular sewing it is fine.

by spendlove Moderator 29 Jun 2013

You need to lower your tension on the next one. In the meantime, careful application of a permanent marker on the white bits will rescue this one!

contessasophie by contessasophie 29 Jun 2013

Thank you for your reply. I tried lowering the tension but it did not help. I kept lowering till it would not go any further. Do you think perhaps there is something wrong with my machine. I was sewing with black top thread and the designs is coming out white which is the bobin fill.
Or should I keep playing with it. I have already ruined the other applique I am doing?

marthaann by marthaann 29 Jun 2013

perhaps you could try to use the same color on your bobbin fill as you have on the top thread?

by zoefzoef 29 Jun 2013

Yes it is a tension problem, you have to adjust it a bit.

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contessasophie by contessasophie 29 Jun 2013

Thank you for your reply.

by kanny 29 Jun 2013

This seems like a tension problem or you may need to set your bobbin. When you put your bobbin in make sure it is correctly inserted through the bobbin tension spring and pull some thread to the front, you should feel a slight resistance. you could also lower your top thread tension slightly.

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contessasophie by contessasophie 29 Jun 2013

Thanks I will give it a try.