by rangoboo 02 Jun 2008

I do quilts but reversible ones due to the fact I do not know how to quilt on top? - Is there a site for seniors easy steps?


by shirlener88 02 Jun 2008

rangboo, Sewing with Nancy has a nice video our for fold & finihs reversible quilts - in it they tell how you just embroider you design - then use it as one of your fabric pieces on one side - then you go ahead with the project - just like you do normally. Good luck. There is also a 6 hour quilt out that you could just as easily do the same thing to it - before you stitched it together. *4U

by nglover1 02 Jun 2008

You might check out Fons & Porter .com or ( then Simply Quilts). Both have good info and directions. A flower for you.

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nglover1 by nglover1 02 Jun 2008

By the way Welcome to the Cute Family . Good luck finding help on your Quilts.

by sueffb1 02 Jun 2008

This is a wonderful site for all sorts of information. It will tell you how to applique. I really enjoy this site - it also has great free designs as well as designs to buy. Sue *4U