by grandmamek 14 May 2013

An update on my crashed ciomputer. I contacted the Asus tech support and he walked me through a procedure and had it up and running in 10 minutes. I think it was a windows update that automatically installed that caused the problem. So all is now well. So now I am happy again!!


by sdrise 15 May 2013

Gresat news. AHHH what a relief! Suzanne

by haleymax 14 May 2013

Great news!

by dennis999 14 May 2013

Good news and I am delighted for you. It always seems to be a problem whenever you buy computers and the like, especially when they come with pre-loaded software. The minute you get it home, you are told that the software has an upgrade. Personally, I believe that there should be a duty on the seller to ensure that they supply goods with the latest upgrades. The same also applies to software purchased seperately. The trouble is that you just never know how long something has sat on a warehouse shelf or at the retailer. Stepping down from my soapbox now...........

by cfidl 14 May 2013

No kidding. Ugh, so I wonder how many of my problems have been caused by updates. I am still restoring from the last crash!

by rescuer Moderator 14 May 2013

Great news!
Thank you for letting us know.