by rsloan 05 May 2013

Here's an OOPS - I made this lovely T shirt and was going to embellish it with crystals and I burned a place in the design (gasp!) Now what to do? I haven't been able to find larger crystals in stores, so I guess I'll have to order from online. Ahhh, live and learn - P.S. I just purchased a hot fix applicator with 8 changeable tips in different sizes so this won't happen again. The design is from Stitch Delight SD608 Heirloom quilt blocks. Sorry for the fuzzy picture!


by gerryvb 06 May 2013

the design is lovely., perhaps you can cover the burned place with a lovely button?

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rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

Ohh - buttons was something I had not thought about - maybe pearl buttons...

by sbott54 06 May 2013

I just love Daleen's designs and always appreciate her dollar sales. rsloan, thanks for sharing your oops! moment. We all have them. And what a lovely combination using this quilt block on a pink T-shirt. It looks so elegant!

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rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

Thank you - My 87 y/o mom had a look at this and had to have one too, her's is lavendar.

by pennyhal 06 May 2013

I love the look of this. You could just stitch a bullion rose over the hole. I could not find this block in SD608. I must be blilnd!

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rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

Did you try putting the design number in the homepage search box? If you still can't find it, send me a note and I'll send the url (I'm still not so sure what we can post....). Thanks for your comments and a bullion rose might just do the trick!

by kiffuri 05 May 2013

Very pretty!

by oaro 05 May 2013

Pretty design

by rescuer Moderator 05 May 2013

Very pretty! I like the idea of the larger single rose in the center.

by myrizun 05 May 2013


by highlandermom 05 May 2013

It is lovely design and soft color. Glad it worked out for you that you can fix.

by means 05 May 2013

Sorry for you trouble, know the frustration. Your shirt is really lovely, love the sweet softness of the design

by debbiegreer 05 May 2013

Very pretty design.You could also put a single rose in the center .The thread would cover the hole .Good luck

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rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

Well actually, the hole is on the upper left (see the dark circle), there is a crystal in the center and I was going to put several other crystals in the design spaces - but I'm getting lots of good suggestions and it is tooo pretty to not try and fix.

by mysew1325 05 May 2013

very nice... I just love the HotFix tool... I got the electric one... so fun to use..

by caroldann 05 May 2013

What a wonderful idea and a great job. Hugs..Carol

by cfidl 05 May 2013

It is beautiful! I have not heard of a hot fix with multiple tips! Have to go find it is it Clover brand?

caroldann by caroldann 05 May 2013

Christine, you can get them at for less then $20.00.They have great prices and great customer service. Hugs..Carol

pcteddyb by pcteddyb 06 May 2013

EK Success also makes one. It runs $25 at Joann and I got mine when I had a 50% off.

cfidl by cfidl 06 May 2013

I have used firemountain before, however that joann coupon is in the mail and just down the street.

rsloan by rsloan 08 May 2013

I bought the only one Joanne had and it was the single size (I didn't even know there were multiple sizes that could be purchased). The one with multiple tips that I just purchased was from fire mountain. And I really love the look of the crystals (sparingly) placed on designs. Thanks for looking.

by noah 05 May 2013

I love it and great idea to put this on t-shirt also hugs

by lidiad 05 May 2013

That's beautiful!
Hugs, Lidia