by jussyc 02 May 2013

Calling out for Project Queen (Noah-Carolyn) :) Havent seen you post or comment for a while, so I hope you are OK? Hugs Jussy


by jussyc 03 May 2013

Oh my PQ what a busy bumblebee you are :) glad to hear your well. Sending good luck for your sons new adventure. :)

by noah 02 May 2013

see my note below ok

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rescuer by rescuer 02 May 2013

Glad you are back!

by cfidl 02 May 2013

I think she is off on vacation - not - it is a working vacation.

bevintex by bevintex 02 May 2013

I know I am missing her purple projects

rescuer by rescuer 02 May 2013

I think you are right, she may have a project of another kind she is working on right now....
I also miss her purple projects and her humor too.

jussyc by jussyc 02 May 2013

Thanks Christine, I agree girls, I too miss her purple projects and humor. :)

noah by noah 02 May 2013

I am now home and yes i was on a large work bee.My son and his better-half just bought a 10 acre camp ,that has only 10 ready hook ups for campers and 20 by end of the week .He thinks he has space for 75 rvs or campers .We cleaned up the property and washed out the bathrooms and i cut 8 acres of grass.Plus we got their home live able,it was a hard work bee and if he gets behind i may half to help again, but he is a mover and a doer(don`t know were he got those jeans lol) but it felt good to work from early morning till dark and to know i can still keep up with those young ones !!!lol .Thanks for thinking of me hugs Carolyn

oaro by oaro 02 May 2013

glad you are back miss you.Maria

noah by noah 03 May 2013

Thanks everyone hugs