by carmeng87 19 Apr 2013

Cuties, I am VERY sorry that I may have caused any opf you to lose out on such a wonderful free alhabet. I have snet an appology to the owners of Unlimited Stitching as well. I have learned a valuable lesson and will not share those kinds of hints again. :(


by dec716 20 Apr 2013

Thank you for the apology to the owner. That goes a long way in showing your character. We should all be so ready to admit our mistakes.

by dander163 20 Apr 2013

I am just as confused as you; she planned on posting the complete set on Monday for those that did not want to hunt for them. Remember we all make mistakes. Have a good day, I really mean it. :)

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Apr 2013

As I understand it, the post of the entire alphabet was for the paying members on her site...not as a freebie to all.

by meganne 20 Apr 2013

You are to be commended for this apology and also for writing to the Site owner.
Sharing anything, including links to designs or even displaying photographs of designs or artwork, is an absolute minefield and just because you may see others doing it, does not mean it is permissible to do so. The best advice I can give anyone is, DON'T!
That way you will definitely stay out of trouble.
Hugs and roses, Meganne

by cfidl 20 Apr 2013

I believe your mistake to be honest. especially if you were unaware of what was going on. I have not looked at the rules of this hunt, however I almost reported a hunt, not knowing it was a hunt. If everyone entered a site to the home page amd it was posted in BIG RED letters, still not everyone would know what "not to do". I wonder if posting really would have defeated the purpose, as cancelling surely did.

by glenda7 19 Apr 2013

You are human, and we all make mistakes.

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cfidl by cfidl 20 Apr 2013

Hi, Welcome to Cute! If you have any questions, you are in the right place!

by maleah 19 Apr 2013

We all make mistakes. My husband has told our daughter that there is a shoot that goes rom her brain to her mouth with nothing in between to stop what comes out. Hopefully, they will be good hearted and start again. :)

by dragonflyer 19 Apr 2013

So good that you have sent a note to the site owner...I am sure that they now understand that it was just a mistake. Perhaps they will continue with the alphabet in the future...thank you as well for your words to us here at Cute...we all have made mistakes in the past.

by carmeng87 19 Apr 2013

I am so embarassed and upset my fingers are not keeping up with my brain. Sorry for all the typos..

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bevintex by bevintex 19 Apr 2013

Don't beat yourself up over it. You have apologized and now all you can do is move on. As you said you learned a valuable lesson and I am sure you never set out to hurt anyone.