by mrskiki 16 Apr 2013

Here is a pic of my SS birthday gift I received the other day. I love it all, the colors are perfect and the theme is wonderful. And a really cute card on top of it all. Thank you thank you thank you to my SS. You did a fantastic job! The pic does not do it all justice. Hugs. Nan W


by noah 16 Apr 2013

Awesome wonderful gift hugs

by sewfrenzie 16 Apr 2013

WOW! Great job Secret Sister!!
I love the towels and the wall hanger as well, but I really love the towels, lol! Wish I knew where she found those. They would be great for me and to make for a dear friend for Chirstmas.

by pcteddyb 16 Apr 2013

Just gotta LOVE the horsey toppers!

by capoodle 16 Apr 2013

Lovely gifts even the neat pop up 3D card.

by zoefzoef 16 Apr 2013

Yep you have been spoiled ! Great job Secret Sister !

by cfidl 16 Apr 2013

Great gift SS! All about Texas, Love the towels!

by oaro 16 Apr 2013

very nice gift enjoy

by lilylady 16 Apr 2013

What a nice present, Happy Birthday. Why to go SS.

by spendlove Moderator 16 Apr 2013

Well done SS!

by jussyc 16 Apr 2013

Wonderful gifts just adore the towel holder. Well SS :)

by dragonflyer 16 Apr 2013

Very Nice, indeed! I especially Love the towel toppers! Way to go Secret Sister...

by cherylgauteng 16 Apr 2013

Very nice indeed !