by fannyfurkin 12 Apr 2013

I have just bought a pfaff covelock 3.0 and it is giving me so much grief I cannot get it to do a nice coverstitch, I have checked and rechecked the threading and settings and it is driving me batty, I can't get any help from the dealer until Monday. Does anyone else have this machine? if so any tips?


by almag 14 Apr 2013

Constant changing is a pain in the rear end.
If you can stretch this far, get two machines and enjoy the freedom they'll bring, especially if you do a lot of sewing requiring overlocking and coverstitching.
I've watched my daughter in her dance costume business and she'd never cope time-wise if she used a coverlock machine. Now she just rolls her chair from one machine to the other two - sewing, overlocking or coverstitching.
On the other hand I do know that Pfaff (here at least in S.Aust) stand behind their customers and their satisfaction and will make sure their machines perform to the max., replacing the machines if necessary.

fannyfurkin by fannyfurkin 15 Apr 2013

I went back and changed it over for a janome 644d overlocker and a janome coverlock pro. woo hoo. I am so happy with them.

almag by almag 15 Apr 2013

..... Hi Alice!!! .... way to go .......... and I'm so glad that you've got a good outcome for that worry.
I had to relinquish my Janome 534D overlocker to the sewing room floor. It works fine, has a great stitch but I couldn't see to thread it any more and my arthritis knuckles got in the way when I did manage to get the looper threads in the right place. Not even an hour of swearing at it made it behave.
Now I have a Babylock overlocker and I just simply love using it.

by fannyfurkin 13 Apr 2013

Thank you all for your advise, I ended up taking it back to the shop yesterday but the lady who knows about over-lockers won't be there until Monday, however I am now thinking of buying two machines, one for over-locking and one for cover-stitch, I am thinking the process of changing the setup might be a pain. If I go for 2 less expensive machines it should come in at my budget. The colour thread is a fabulous idea, i wish I had thought of it when I was messing around with it yesterday.

by berny 13 Apr 2013

Sorry I do not have this machine. But my advise is thread from the very beginning as book tells you don't skip anything these machines can be temperamental but once working you will love it..coloured thread is good advise ...

by asterixsew Moderator 13 Apr 2013

Anything on youtube?

by awesome1 13 Apr 2013

fanny--I have an Elna coverlock--don't know if they work the same, but I have to change foot AND cover plate on mine. Good tip from sewmom--to load with diff color threads to do tension adjustment.

by sewmom 13 Apr 2013

I will not even pretend to try to help you. I spend more tine getting my serger stitches correct than I do actually serging my project. I hope you can figure it out.
I remember 1 tip. Use different colored threads while adjusting tensions. It makes it easier to identify the problem area.