by karenintw 08 Apr 2013

.BX format - Are any of you Cutie digitizers familiar with this format? I bought the new Embrilliance Alpha Tricks software, and their instructions are to contact the site where the font was purchased and ask them to convert it to this format. The first one I asked had no idea what I was talking about. Sure hope it wasn't a waste of money. Thanks for your suggestions.


by jofrog2000 25 Apr 2014

To add to this, Five star fonts just announced they are having their sets converted to bx, and will let people know so those that were bought can be dl as this. Jolson's has already started doing this.

Included in your dl alphabet file, is a pdf file with a ink to embrilliance express, which gives you basic use (more bells and whistles in the full program), but you just drop and drag the files into the program, and can then use the keyboard to type out words. Also you can arch words, and make them into circles! Cool. I've played with it a little, but have not embroidered anything out yet.

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jofrog2000 by jofrog2000 04 May 2014

Jolsons and Apex are also starting to add this.

by sewmom 10 Apr 2014

I know this is and old post. But I've seen Designs by JuJu and 8 Claws and a Paw offering BX format recently.

by deirdre 23 Oct 2013

Since I cannot add a pdf file, i will add the screenshot of a pdf file that was attached from a font that was bought from rivermill, it explains how easy it is.

by deirdre 23 Oct 2013

Rivermill now has added bx format to their fonts, it is really easy when you import your bx font to the embrilliance software, you just type your wording with your keyboard, instead of importing each and every letter to make up a word or phrase. :)

by CindyG 08 Apr 2013

Do you have the embrilliance essentials software as well? Or just the Alpha Tricks?

karenintw by karenintw 09 Apr 2013

I've used the Essentials software for a couple years and really like it. Looks like the Alpha Tricks will be a nice addition -- better than purchasing the few extra fonts offered by Embrilliance.

CindyG by CindyG 09 Apr 2013


by lilylyn 08 Apr 2013

I looked at the videos on the site and on the bottom video shows how to change fonts that you already have. I am sure that is what they were doing. I am hoping to purchase this also later this month. Lets know how it goes. I think what they mean by .BX format is that fonts created with this you don't have to convert yourself and they are trying to get other digitizers to start using this format in their downloads as well. Hope this helps, Hugs, Lyn

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karenintw by karenintw 08 Apr 2013

I think I'm getting the hang of mapping now. With some practice, I'm sure it will get easier. I think this is going to turn out to be great. Thanks everyone for your help. I appreciate it.

by eastwitch2 08 Apr 2013

And no you haven't wasted your money as you can map any of the Alphabet s you have purchased or downloaded for free into the Alpha Trick program yourself.

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by eastwitch2 edited 08 Apr 2013

The Digitizers can contact the people at Embrilliance to find out about converting their Alphabets to the BX Format so their customers can have the option of purchasing or downloading the format as this format will map instantly into the Alpha Tricks program.

This saves the users of Apha Tricks from having to map the Alphabets themselves into the program.

I think Embrilliance has a tool for them to use for the conversion or Embrilliance will do the conversion for them to the BX format.

This information is on the Embrilliance website on the Alpha Tricks page and also mentioned on the videos for Alpha Tricks.

If the digitizers watch the first Video on the second link below it explains how the digitzers can get the formating tool by contactinf Embrilliance.

It also shows how to place an Alphabet that is in the BX format directly into the Alpha Tricks program by dropping it into the program work space.

So my suggestion would be to have the digitzers go to the Embrilliance site and contact them through their Support tab.

by dragonflyer 08 Apr 2013

My best suggestion is to Google it...I did and there are several sites with information on this format...Good Luck...I had never heard of it before...but if you need to convert all of your fonts to this format extension...that could be a lot of work...hopefully, that is not what you need to do...I've never seen the .bx format in any of the download options I have purchased...perhaps another Cutie can be of more help...

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karenintw by karenintw 08 Apr 2013

Many thanks. I've also contacted Embrilliance and asked for other options. I think I should have done a little more research before I made this purchase!