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by skyannsgranny ( edited 07 Apr 2013 ) 07 Apr 2013

Ladies my time is about up for the Miss Loretta Scholarship. I have so enjoyed being able to get all the designs that I really wanted and couldn't possible afford. I still don't know how I was chosen, but it has been a wonderful blessing to me.

I sent Miss Vickie a letter telling her who I would like to pass it on to. I took it as a heavy responsibility as part of the scholarship, choosing the next person. I've been watching and reading posts. Don't do much posting, neither does the lady I've chosen. But what she has posted has been nice and she has said thanks every day and to all the freebies posted. I know there are those who don't say thanks. But this lady has done it every day. At least the that's how it looks to me. I think this is important. Thanks is such a simple word, but means so much.

I want to thank the wonderful person who gave me this chance. It has made a difference for the better in my life. And all the ladies who take so much time to post the links. Hopefully one day I'll have enough free time to do some of this.


by zoefzoef 08 Apr 2013

If you ask me, why I love this web-site; well it is these type of things ... that give me a nice, warm feeling. People that do small things, every day; a "thank you" word, a help when someone gets stuck in their sewing, or some comforting words when someones live is down, someone who posts everyday a nice "saying of the day",.. and of course the owner of the web-site who allows us to interact with eachother like this, and has a great heart too to set up this scholarship. This shows to me that God still lives among those who accept him.

by cherylgauteng 08 Apr 2013

Glad that you enjoyed the Scholarship and got good from it.. Good luck in the future for you !

by gerryvb 08 Apr 2013

well it's great you enjoyed it and the next Cutie will be as happy a you were I suppose. Hugs, Gerry

by stork 08 Apr 2013

What a treat someone is in for. Glad you received it and are ready to pass it on. This group has been such a blessing to all of us and hopefully will continue to be for a long, long time!

by elizabethruth 08 Apr 2013

Oh my! Sounds like it would be nice. And so good of Miss V to do this. I know I sure appreciate the ladies who do such a super job with the links. Working like I do I wouldn't really have time to do much without these ladies. And my design folders are getting bigger and bigger.

by sdrise 08 Apr 2013

Happy you could enjoy this gift! Thanks Suzanne

by sjm65 08 Apr 2013

What a special group this is. I am in awe of you amazing people. This scholarship is such a wonderful idea and I am sure that the next recipient will be just as grateful as the last. What a special way of passing it on. Keep up the good work, this group restores my faith in humanity xxx

by rsehorse 08 Apr 2013

I was not aware of the scholarshio or how it worked. What a concept! One more reason why I love this web site and am so proud to be a Cutie. Hugs to all, Susan

by cfidl 07 Apr 2013

This a wonderful group. The scholorship and the sweet story behind will continue to enrich the lives of stitchers. I am so proud to be a Cute. Thank you Ms, V.

by draco 07 Apr 2013

I,too, think that is a great way to pass the Scholarship on. Hugs

by rescuer Moderator 07 Apr 2013

That is a wonderful and beautiful way to pass the gift on. I am glad you had the chance to download all the great designs offered here.

by jrob Moderator 07 Apr 2013

That was a beautiful way of choosing. I imagine the one who gave it you, used a similar group of criteria. If it made a difference in your life, the whole reason for the scholarship was realized. Hugs! :)