by melnic 01 Apr 2013

Hard to believe but I cannot find decent fun airplane designs for a baby boy! I need colorful fun designs of planes to put on burpcloths and so far those found were so tight when stitched out on towel nappies or what I call bad digitizing. Please help Cuties...


by handy 01 Apr 2013

having a sale on sets

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rsehorse by rsehorse 01 Apr 2013

This was going to be my suggestion too. Hugs, Susan

by tilde01 01 Apr 2013

there are some very cute ones at Designs by Sick

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by eastwitch2 edited 01 Apr 2013

There is a set or Airplanes from Hennessy Embroidery on OPW Mall.
See 1st link below.
Second link to another set that has some airplanes.
Third link to Helicopters
Forth link to another Airplane set.
Fifth link to an Airplane Book set.

melnic by melnic 01 Apr 2013

Thank you for the links, I like the helicopters!

bevintex by bevintex 01 Apr 2013

there is a cute helicopter applique freebie at the purple hat,bottom of page

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by eleen edited 01 Apr 2013

Have you tried the - Cuddle me Crazy sets. She has them on sale at I have seen the actual stitch outs in the Bernina shop up the road. They are gorgeous.

melnic by melnic 01 Apr 2013

Dankie Eleen, sal ook 'n draai by Bernina gaan maak.

eleen by eleen 02 Apr 2013

Baie sleg - jy gaan met 'n vol beursie en as jy by die huis kom is hy leeg. Probeer dit vermy - hulle lag al vir my as ek daar ingaan.

by rescuer Moderator 01 Apr 2013

Have you considered an applique design? There is a cute one at embilibrary and another one at embroiderydesigns.
Have you tried any of the designs from the links?

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melnic by melnic 01 Apr 2013

The plane in the clouds with grass below from embroidery libriary stitched out perfect! Thank you

by sboo 01 Apr 2013

I have used some from Look under planes