by mysew1325 21 Mar 2013

Quilt Show... If you love to quilt you must watch this video ..this is stunning work.. the lady is truly amazing..


by mary51 26 Mar 2013

They are beautiful!!!!!! I whis I could quilt like that

by elizabethruth 23 Mar 2013

Thank you

by michemb 23 Mar 2013

I could look at these all day, they blow me away. love, love them all

by 02kar Moderator 22 Mar 2013

Oh my goodness! Incredible doesn't begin to describe this quilt. Thanks for sharing.

by cj2sew 21 Mar 2013

What a beautiful quilt. I could never put that much into a quilt. I guess I'll never win a national quilt show. Oh well....BUT I sure can appreciate what others do. Went to Houston last fall and filled my camera with over 1,000 pictures.

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mysew1325 by mysew1325 21 Mar 2013

she did a stunning work of art... and truly a Collector's Piece for the family.. I don't have that sort of skill or time.. mine are all quick and easy .. if i spend a couple of weeks on a quilt, it is a long time for me..