by marjialexa Moderator 19 Mar 2013

Those who are paid members of Cute Embroidery, in case you haven't checked the Designs category in a couple of days, there's a new alphabet, called "floweryfont" just starting, and the flowers are ripple!!! It looks like this A is currently second on the voting page, for those who aren't paid members. Hugs, Marji


by cfidl 21 Mar 2013

Thank you for the reminder!

by 02kar Moderator 20 Mar 2013

It is pretty, isn't it.

by rambou 19 Mar 2013

Thank you for pointing it out. I voted for it. I do hope Miss Veronika will continue to post this alpha for all to vote on.

by sewtired 19 Mar 2013

I sure hope it continues. It is quite lovely. I have asked the group that I belong to to stop voting for the Gold font and vote for this one. Please add the rest of the letters as they become available. I want to thank everyone involved for all the lovely designs you let us vote for.

by rescuer Moderator 19 Mar 2013

New designs are always nice. This one is pretty. Thanks for pointing it out! I voted for the other Cuties adn now to download it for me. ;)

by noah 19 Mar 2013

yes thanks i saw it pretty nice for sure:):)hugs carolyn