by bnilla9241 05 Mar 2013

I have been asking for a few days now about the designs of the bunnies that cannot be downloaded in the PES version. Is there a big problem with the PES digitizing? Is it me ?

These designs are so cute and I would like to start using them. Please help.

Hugs, Bonnie


by dragonflyer 06 Mar 2013

Perhaps they are saved in a newer version of Pes than your software or machine can recognize...try another format and convert it to pes and see if that works...

by crafter2243 Moderator 05 Mar 2013

I downlaoded them with no problems.

by rescuer Moderator 05 Mar 2013

Ms. Veronika is working on the problem. Send a PM to the moderators jrob,mops,martine,marjialexa,explaining the problem.

by moyed 05 Mar 2013

I have just right clicked on the pes format on all the new bunnies and it downloaded NO problem.
hugs Helen