by dragonflyer ( edited 25 Feb 2013 ) 25 Feb 2013

With all the buz about Heart Potholders...I thought I'd give digitizing some a, here they are! I love them! They are done in two hoopings (all but the final topstitching (optional) around the heart which was done on my sewing machine...and these were done in an 8" x 12" frame...I know...big frame...I am working on trying them out in an 8" x 8" my fingers crossed, but I have high hopes. As soon as I have the instructions detailed, I will post in DBC if anyone is interested. AND, I think these would qualify for Sue's challenge as they were both done from just scraps in the bin...


by genin 14 Mar 2019

I like your potholders ! Very beautiful !

by arisann 09 Jun 2018

These are very nice!!

by peafarm 29 May 2018

Where do you go to the 'DBC' to get them free?? I love anything fast and anything that would also sell for making some money for our county homemaker group. We do all kinds of support for our county but it takes cash. We could do this as a group if you so kindly give permission as we have an embroidery club I am head of--just to keep the group going. Boy--this style is years old but you know what I've found--what goes around eventually makes its way back--only in a new way and by the younger set. Hard to throw something out nowadays because you know that style will come back in. These are such wonderful colors and done in perfection.

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 29 May 2018

DBC has been closed for quite some time now...

rescuer by rescuer 29 May 2018

The DBC is closed.

by cooperal 29 May 2018

I bought a set like this at a craft fair a few years ago and I love them. Do you have this design up for sale yet? You've done a great job and your fabrics are great!! Avis

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 29 May 2018

Thanks Avis...I don't sell my designs...too much hassle!

by jgwatchorn 28 May 2018

Love it!! Can you make size 6" x 8" please,to fit my hoop. Thanks

by mihok 27 May 2018

A 6 x 10 would be nice....Thank you!

by lildoll2 27 May 2018

thanks for the help, what is DBC... i would love to read your pattern, i need all the help i can get, from an old lady with bad memory, doris

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 29 May 2018

DBC was Designs by Cuties where we could post our own designs for other Cuties to has since been taken down....

by lidiad 17 Feb 2014

Love them!
Hugs, Lidia

by katydid 16 Feb 2014

I did not get a chance to try these, but if I need help I will ask for help. Thanks for offering. Kay

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 16 Feb 2014

No problem...good luck with them...and send me a PM if you need help with the instructions :)

by mycarole 16 Feb 2014

So so cute. Just love them.

by gmafroggy 14 Feb 2014

I would like to find this pattern also. I have a few weddings coming up and they would make great gifts.

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mops by mops 16 Feb 2014

As DBC is under maintenance you can not download the pattern at the moment.

by stitchinlady 07 Feb 2014

Where do I find the info to make these? I would love to make some. Thanks

by babsie 20 Jan 2014


by katydid 19 Jan 2014

Were these in the designs by cuties earlier?

katydid by katydid 20 Jan 2014

I found them but don't have a clue as how to put them together. Need help!! Kay

dragonflyer by dragonflyer 20 Jan 2014

Send me a PM is you need help with the instructions...

by evie 19 Jan 2014

These are just so nice with the quilted back, I look forward to DBC too.

by suzanncox 19 Jan 2014

Thanks again Kim

sewilso by sewilso 19 Jan 2014

Great colors! I have some sports fabrics too, I should do some from them too. My dil would love some of those.

katydid by katydid 19 Jan 2014

I want this one!!

babsie by babsie 20 Jan 2014

Lovely and will be a great present.

by suzanncox 12 Jan 2014

A well thought out design.

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 12 Jan 2014

Thanks so much Suzann...I hope you enjoy the design and project...Kim

by sewilso 10 Jan 2014

I love these potholders! I sure wish I had that large hoop machine! I've seen these in the stores too ready made and they are not cheap! Great work Kim!!!

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 10 Jan 2014

When I did these, I did them in 5x7, 8x8, 6x10 and 8x12...they take a bit of time, but are well worth the effort!

by justsew 10 Jan 2014

amazing, I love them.
Hugs pam.

by lucerba 10 Jan 2014

j'aime beaucoup

by Anasazi 10 Jan 2014

These look sooooo much like the designs I bought from ... I this where you got the idea for this ? They are great !

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 10 Jan 2014

No...I did these a year ago...and mine have a quilted back...I have never seen any with a quilted back except mine before...

by greytgirl 02 Mar 2013

Love your heart potholders! Would make nice gifts for family and friends!

by CottonPeony 01 Mar 2013

well these are so darn cute and perfect to toss into the wash when dirty.


by gitteh 01 Mar 2013

They are beautiful - well done!

by annyn 01 Mar 2013

Very nice. I look forward in DBC.

by sewfrenzie 28 Feb 2013

I love these! Can't wait to see them in DBC's!

by shirley124 26 Feb 2013

Very nice. Best of luck with the 8 X 8 hooping. Looking forward to seeing them in DBC Hugs Shirley

by sewincat 26 Feb 2013

These are wonderful.... I do hope you post them. Thank you for sharing.

by oaro 26 Feb 2013

very nice

by laffma1 26 Feb 2013

Nicely done!! And, I like you fabric choices as well.

by dailylaundry 26 Feb 2013

These are wonderful - I am lucky enough to have an 8x12 - I would love if your posted them to DBC. Good luck in your digitizing!! Hugs, Laura*

by catsnhorses 26 Feb 2013

Ohhh, I LOVE these! No way to burn my fingers, like I do with the plain pot holders. Thanks for posting in DBC when you're ready.
Marion in Kentucky

by clawton 26 Feb 2013

Love them! Looking forward to seeing them in DBC Thanks

by anabela 26 Feb 2013

Great, this matches the pieces I made of my Tilda collection - shabby chic. I hope you can post the design :) I Love ITH projects they make fun

by justsew 26 Feb 2013

Fantastic, well done, I hope you post them soon, i love them.
Hugs Pam.

by spendlove Moderator 26 Feb 2013

Excellent use of scraps! And a versatile design - well done.

by ansalu 26 Feb 2013

What a good idea to make a ith-design. Love your colors and the nice fabrics.
My hoop is much too small (5x7) so I will try the pattern from Martha Stewart for the sewingmachine (here the link for the others with small hoops :o)
Greetings, Bettina

laffma1 by laffma1 26 Feb 2013

I've made this pattern, and it works out well. You can either stitch the outside edges as a normal seam, or use seam binding to cover them (making a more finished looking edge. Both turn out great. Good luck!!

babsie by babsie 20 Jan 2014

Thanks for sharing.

eggyannie by eggyannie 14 Feb 2014

thank you so much for sharing this site i would love to have been able to purchase Mutts design but money is too tight now hubby has gone.
annie in the uk

by chefin 26 Feb 2013

They Look soooo coool ...

by reddish 25 Feb 2013

I love them;look great...Diane M..

by buffy1 25 Feb 2013

great job ! i am hoop challenged also only a 5 x 7

by rsehorse 25 Feb 2013

Fantastic! Doing these ITH makes e erything so much easier. I love these type of potholders. Just wish I had a hoop larger than 5x7 now. Hugs, Susan

by highlandermom 25 Feb 2013

Love what you have done. I am on good behavior for few more days.Can't use my right hand much.

by eleen 25 Feb 2013

Love them - what a pity my hoops are too small for these types of projects.

by mysew1325 25 Feb 2013

these are very neat... love the design of them

by ttc8 25 Feb 2013

Great, love them

by pennifold 25 Feb 2013

Fabulous, well done. Love Chris

by 02kar Moderator 25 Feb 2013

They look so nice. I am looking forward to seeing these.

by capoodle 25 Feb 2013

Your scraps made up cute potholders. Nice job on the digitizing.

by pldc 25 Feb 2013

super cute! well done hugs Loralye

by pyingling 25 Feb 2013

I would love to try these. Hope you put them out there for all.

by rescuer Moderator 25 Feb 2013

I can't wait! I had to change my idea for the challenge since my quilting machine had to make an emergency trip to the shop for repairs. I have the larger hoop and I would love some new potholders too. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

by cj2sew 25 Feb 2013

Oh yes, I'm interested. I purchased two of the same style at a craft show last year.

by katmug edited 25 Feb 2013

My gosh they are REALLY CUTE!!!!! I for one am very interested as I've been wanting to do some pot holders , esp the heart ones. Great job , WELL done!!!

by asterixsew Moderator 25 Feb 2013

Very jolly

by gramsbear 25 Feb 2013

WOW!!! These are wonderful! Wish I had a bigger hoop. You did fantastic!!!

by kezza2sew 25 Feb 2013

what a fabulous idea really big to. they look great.

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pyingling by pyingling 25 Feb 2013

I would love to try these. Hope you put them out there for all.