by nualaa 20 Feb 2013

Avast keeps telling me that there is a threat in the files I download from Turquoise 210. Has anyone had the same problem.


by CindyG 20 Feb 2013

I got a trogen virus 2 days ago. When I scanned with avast all the files that were corrupted were from Turquoise.

by theduchess 20 Feb 2013

This site ,Turquoise 210, caused me to have a computer crash months ago. I never went back. I have enough designs that I could never sew in this lifetime so now I can be fussy. No sense loading up on with designs I can never use.

by tilde01 20 Feb 2013

I also do go to Turquoise 210 any more. Have heard of lots of people getting viruses and don't need/want those. Also a lot of her designs are copyrighted here in the USA.

by gramsbear 20 Feb 2013

I do not go into Tourquoise because I got a virus 2 different times from that site. They have nice designs, but it is not worth the risk. First virus cost me 236.00 to have removed. I don;t chance it. Huggs, Judy