by alexgrandma 19 Feb 2013

I have to ask myself when do I have enough designs. My husband wanted me to use a new cloud for my designs. He found a 5 gig for free. I have over 8 gig of designs.. I also have over 2 gig of alpha's.. I need to go through them and decides what to keep and what to delete. How any Gig do you have?? LOL



by jrob Moderator 22 Feb 2013

Only you can say when enough is enough. I find that as my life changes, so do my interests and favorites. I have found that some of the designs I have collected (before I became more selective) are no longer interesting to me and also NOW I can tell better what is quality digitizing.
All personal choices for me and you have to make your own, but ISN'T this fun?;)

by rescuer Moderator 22 Feb 2013

I would only use the Cloud for off-site back-up of those designs that cannot easily be replaced. I have no idea how many gigs I have for designs -- probably less than ten. I have plenty of hard drive space to hold all I want. I saw a USB Thumb Drive (Jump Drive) at the store for a very reasonable price. The drive is 32 gigs and was about $20. At the rate you have collected designs, it would take many years of collecting to reach the max on that drive.

by pennyhal 21 Feb 2013

There is no reason to get rid of anything since external storage is available. Collecting designs is a harmless hobby and no need to feel guilty about it either. In my monogram folder, I keep a special folder I label "my favorites" that I keep ones I've done that I really like or are especially lovely to me so that I don't have to look through tons to find a favorite. I sort of cull my designs whenever I find myself browsing a folder. When I see a design that I know I'll never use, or I simply don't like it anymore, I delete it. I consider my design collection to be sort of like an encyclopedia. I don't need every topic in the encyclopedia at the same time, but it is good to have all the topics there for when I need them.

by tilde01 20 Feb 2013

I personally wouldn't want to save all my designs in the cloud, If you lose internet connection for any reason, you wouldn't be able to access them. Having lost my internet connection for hours on end, I know what that would be like. Just buy an external hard drive to store them on. You won't pull out your hair as much. LOL

by mooie24 20 Feb 2013

lol i just got a new 3TB external hard drive to store all my designs ..
big hugs from London
maria xx

by haleymax 20 Feb 2013

Put the ones that you like, but aren't really, really interested in on a DVD and then you can delete them from your hard drive or storage area. By putting the designs on DVD according to type(Baby, Wedding, etc) it will be easier to look for a design on the DVDs.
An external hard drive is great to put all your designs on and thus save your internal hard drive for working room.

by jofrog2000 20 Feb 2013

Do tell us where one can put 5G for free. Can always use another place to save things!

by 02kar Moderator 19 Feb 2013

I don't think we ever can have too many. I often feel I am owned by my designs but I continue to collect. I simply love my designs. Enjoy what you have, delete what no longer interests you. Rest easy in knowing that are a member of the same club so many of us belong too.

by hightechgrammy 19 Feb 2013

Hi Judy, I found with lots and lots of designs I had saved formats I didn't need, so when I save a new design, I just save the format I need. Also, I don't need the jpg either, as I can see what the design looks like on my computer. I really don't need the txt or the edu files, so I don't save them either Still I have over 6.85 GB. And that is stripped down. I just don't want to throw away any of my designs. I guess "You never know when you are going to need them." I try to get rid of duplicates, but that's tricky too! Good luck! Jan

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pennyhal by pennyhal 21 Feb 2013

The only reason I save the jpg files is if thread colors are not provided, or I like the colors used ,or how the light/dark threads are placed. Sometimes I like to see how the project looks stitched out too.

by noah 19 Feb 2013

My gigs got so many i had to buy what i call a BIG BRAIN lol(extreanal hard drive)a 1.5TB