by grafiau 19 Feb 2013

I want to thank my secret birthday sister for the great sewing apron she sent me for my birthday on the 14th. It arrived yesterday, but it was so late last night when I got home from work I didnt open it until today. I just love it and it will be so useful to keep all those threads off my sweaters in winter, thankyou so much. Ruth


by jrob Moderator 25 Feb 2013

What a great gift. You look really cute in it! ;)

by pldc 23 Feb 2013

what a lovely apron! I hope that you had a lovely birthday too, A Valentines Baby

by pennifold 21 Feb 2013

Wonderful gift Ruth - love the little pin cushion on your right hand side of the apron and the scissors too.

How is Katie doing? Does she still need the gastronomy pads? I hope that by now she is going o.k.

Love and blessings Chris

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grafiau by grafiau 21 Feb 2013

Chris thankyou for your kind thoughts, Katie is still in and out of hospital, only last week she had to have her tube replaced because it fell out. Her sodium levels are still hard to control, and every fluctuation is a life threatening situation. To add insult to injury, Katies parents have split up due to the stress of the whole situation, and my neice has moved in with her mum( my sister) out os sheer desperation.

by zoefzoef 21 Feb 2013

It is so lovely ! Well done SSS

by lilylady 19 Feb 2013

nice gift Happy Birthday

by 02kar Moderator 19 Feb 2013

What a great idea! You have a great SS.

by mrskiki 19 Feb 2013

Cute apron. Happy Birthday. Way to go SS! Hugs. Nan W

by spendlove Moderator 19 Feb 2013

Nice gift! (Who plays the guitar?)