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by marjialexa Moderator ( edited 16 Feb 2013 ) 16 Feb 2013

There's a chance for us to vote in the A in the Kitty Alphabet here for tomorrow's free design if we all get together and vote. I know there are quite a few who missed it. As I write this, the A is only about 25 votes behind the front runner, which is only a repeat of one of the old "Goldfont" letters. Can we do this to help out all the Cuties who missed the start of the alphabet? Thanks for all your help! Here's the link, hugs, Marji


by pennyhal 17 Feb 2013

When I looked at the Kitty alphabet, it appeared that there were only four letters, then they all disappeared and I could only see was the Gold font. Voting for the Kitties wasn't possible, so I vote for the Gold. How this works has always been a mystery to me. New fonts start for some people days before it ever shows up on my computer. I know it has something to do with time zones and weirdness with my computer. So I just purchase letters or packs of the things I really want.

ansalu by ansalu 17 Feb 2013

If you click on the link from Marji you can see the A at the bottom. Cause there are so many votes for the goldfont most of the cats and snakes are on page2 and further (pagenumbers are above and under the designs ;o).

pennyhal by pennyhal 18 Feb 2013

That's my problem. I can only find 4 Kitty letters no matter what page I go to.

by ansalu 17 Feb 2013

The cat-A is way behind :o(
Complete page 1 is just full with the golden font. Think as long as we can vote for more than only one time there are enough people who want this font no matter which letter. You can see this when the freebie changes and a complete alpha has nearly the same number of votes.
I know this is democraty... ;o)

by bibi 17 Feb 2013

I voted.I might as well;there is no garanti that it will ever finish.Look what happened to the snakefont that I really liked

by asterixsew Moderator 17 Feb 2013

I too have just voted again, I hope that the voting is successful as like tilde01 I got the design the other day

by zoefzoef 17 Feb 2013

Voted, but I see it is far behind now

by tilde01 17 Feb 2013

I voted yesterday and today for the A for those that missed it. My question is, is Miss Veronica going to put up the rest of this alphabet for us to vote on? I would love to have this as a complete alpha.

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AllRaggedy by AllRaggedy 17 Feb 2013

I voted yesterday and again today also. I was so disappointed when I woke up this morning not to see the cute little A cat as the freebie! Let's try one more time cuties to vote this as tomorrow's freebie. Thank you everyone!

by drro 16 Feb 2013

I voted, it is up to 112 ;?0

by AllRaggedy 16 Feb 2013

Thank you for posting this request for all of us cuties who somehow missed the A. I have just voted for A. Hopefully tomorrow A will be the freebie.

by katydid 16 Feb 2013

I just voted for you , too. I missed the B. Kay

by pennifold 16 Feb 2013

No worries voted for you! Now up to 104! Love Chris

by shilly 16 Feb 2013

One more vote for A...

by joyce500 16 Feb 2013

Just voted. 19 behind now. Joyce

by bevintex 16 Feb 2013

I know you like your kitties. Voted for you

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Feb 2013

OK I have voted

by jrob Moderator 16 Feb 2013

Aw, Marji, I'd do anything for you!