by nualaa 16 Feb 2013

I wanted to share my daughter's good news. My daughter and her fiance entered a competition to win a free dream wedding all expenses paid. Well thanks to a lot of wonderful people who voted for them -they Won.

Thank you all wonderful Cuties who voted for them. This will mean so much for all our family and to them of course. We really appreciate all the support.


by msfancyvip1 21 Feb 2013

Which competition was it? I know Farmers Insurance ran one recently. ~Rita

by anabela 21 Feb 2013

wonderful ! Congratulations to the couple.

by pldc 21 Feb 2013

wow thats super good news congratulations to the happy couple!

by drro 21 Feb 2013

Yeah!! Congratulations!!

by marianb 20 Feb 2013

What wonderful news! was only yesterday wondering if they had you and all your family can celebrate their day with them..Hugs to you all. marian

by nannynorfolk 20 Feb 2013

Great news-am so pleased for you all ;)))

by airyfairy 17 Feb 2013

Wonderful news. Many congratulations. Sarah.

by katydid 16 Feb 2013

This is exciting!! i missed the first post to vote, but elated they won. You must keep us up dated with all the details. I love to hear of dream weddings!!! Kay

by noah 16 Feb 2013

very happy for all hugs carolyn

by jrob Moderator 16 Feb 2013

It was a pleasure! ;)

by gerryvb 16 Feb 2013

congratulations! when will they get married? make sure you post a picture by that time.

by rachap 16 Feb 2013

What a nice way to start their marriage. Best wishes to the happy couple for many years of love and happiness.

by michemb 16 Feb 2013

terrific news, glad the cuties votes helped

by 02kar Moderator 16 Feb 2013

Congratulations to you all. I will be a most beautiful day for you all.

by asterixsew Moderator 16 Feb 2013

What super news

by zoefzoef 16 Feb 2013

Indeed good news ! When will they marry ?

by justsew 16 Feb 2013

O goodeeee show us some photos.
Hugs Pam.

by crafter2243 Moderator 16 Feb 2013

Congratulations. I am so glad and I am also looking forward to seeing some pictures.

by kezza2sew 16 Feb 2013

Wow that is great, we look forward to seeing some lovely photos when the lovely event happens...where abouts are you