by capoodle 05 Feb 2013

Has anyone heard from Lyn "mi30kaja" our Australian cutie. It has been a while since she has posted anything. We have a new cutie that was asking about the 3-D flowers and I remember that Lyn had made some.


by mi30kaja 06 Feb 2013

Wow! Didn't realise I had been missed. I am here. Have had a bad last half of 2012. I was having problems with my eyes and was told I was borderline diabetes which scared me. I am on a health kick and lost 8kgs since Christmas and my eyes are much better, so wonder if that was my warning sign. Still not perfect but much better. I have been checking in every so often but quickly skipping over messages as there are just not enough hours in the day and I have so much catching up to do. Still making my roses when I don't want to start something big but want to do something. Can't just sit and do nothing. Might not be on as much as I used to do until I catch up.

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capoodle by capoodle 07 Feb 2013

Excellent job on the weight loss. Nothing like a health scare to rethink about making better choices. So pleased you are able to make those changes and are feeling better. Hugs.

by sboo 06 Feb 2013

I had a PM from her a few days ago. She is ok. Just taking a break from sewing. Hopes to be back soon. Shirley

capoodle by capoodle 06 Feb 2013

Thank you. Tell her she is missed and glad everything is OK with her.

mi30kaja by mi30kaja 06 Feb 2013

Thank You. I am OK Just need a new body and knees and eyes. Wish I could rub myself out and start again with no problems.

marianb by marianb 06 Feb 2013

if you find out where to get them let me know mine are falling apart

by pennifold 06 Feb 2013

Maybe some of our South Australian friends can check up on her. "Almag" may know of something, but I also notice she hasn't been on here for a while too. I know Lyn lost her modem and printer equipment through a huge storm in November last year, maybe she is just catching up with life! Love and blessings Chris

capoodle by capoodle 06 Feb 2013

Just read the above post and glad everything is OK with her.

mi30kaja by mi30kaja 06 Feb 2013

I am OK, busy catching up with things that didn't get done in the last half of last year. I also have been wondering about Alma. I know her husband was not well.

by bevintex 06 Feb 2013

It looks as her last post was on Nov 20th. It has been a long time. I have learned so much from Lyn from new words to her great projects. I hope to hear she is well just busy.

capoodle by capoodle 06 Feb 2013

Yes, I saw that was the last post also. Thank you.

mi30kaja by mi30kaja 06 Feb 2013

I do check in every so often. Just busy and not enough hours in the day.

by jrob Moderator 06 Feb 2013

I thought I had seen a comment recently, but I don't remember for sure.

capoodle by capoodle 06 Feb 2013

Was hoping one of our Australian cuties had a way to contact her to see if she is OK and just really busy.

mi30kaja by mi30kaja 06 Feb 2013

I am here - all OK and getting better as the days go on. I am not very good when I have problems with my health but certainly not as bad with the type of problems that others are having.