by contessasophie 02 Feb 2013


I am new to embroidery and to this community. I was wondering how I send a private message to one in the community? I was wondering if someone could digitise a lable for me saying "Made by Maria"
Looking forward to a reply.


by mary51 04 Feb 2013

Welcome to this wonderful site, Mary, from Dominican Republic!

by sewdoctor 04 Feb 2013

I have done most of the Made by labels, and would be happy to do one for you......just let me know if you want it the same size as the others I have done...

by airyfairy 04 Feb 2013

Welcome to the Cute family. Sarah (South Africa)

by zoefzoef 04 Feb 2013

Hello Maria, welcome to our group ! I see you got your answer. What you also could try is repost your question in the Q&A section. (On top where you see Designs, Community, q&a). Greetings from Belgium

by devon 03 Feb 2013

Welcome to the cute family. You will love it here. DeVon

by contessasophie 03 Feb 2013

Thanks to all who replied. This seems like a wonderful community and I am looking forward to being part of it.

Have a wonderful Day!

by 02kar Moderator 03 Feb 2013

Welcome to the Cute family. We love posts and questions so keep in touv\ch.

by draco 02 Feb 2013

Welcome to Cute. Always good to have you here!!! Hugs*

by jrob Moderator 02 Feb 2013

Hi, I'm glad you are here. To send a private message look at the top of the page where you will find Inbox. Click on new message, then fill in to to: with the user name of the person you want to contact. Type your message submit it. When they answer you back you will see a RED +1 next to your Inbox.
For digitizing help you might want to post your need in the Digitizing area over to the left in Blue under Colmmunity. ;)