by melnic 17 Jan 2013

Hi Cuties, I would like to make a road play mat for a boy and would appreciate any ideas to incorporate embroidery and quilting.


by sandralochran 22 Jan 2013

I made one .Will try to attach a photo .Got the pattern from Spotlight.There is no embroidery just fabric, but you can do some embroidery on it

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melnic by melnic 26 Jan 2013

Hi, thanks for the picture, it is beautiful. I've made 12 (12x12") quilt blocks and would like to embroider the centre of the playmat (24"x24") I'm doing similar roads with road signs, trees and creating a garage, zoo, rugby field, school etc. Never show cased any of my creations but a keen sewer and loves embroidery too!

by melnic 18 Jan 2013

Thanks sewmom - I got it!

by sewmom 18 Jan 2013

Here is a link to a cute quilt.
There is a set of roads and trees for a quilt or play mat in Designs By Cuties but I don't know the links. Can a Cutie come help out with links please? I tried Googling it but I must not have the right words.

Also try the catalog in the 2nd link for the Designs by Cuties links.

melnic by melnic 18 Jan 2013

Thanks a lot, hope a smart Cutie will help as I could not find it either.

narellep by narellep 18 Jan 2013

I don't know how to add links these are the design numbers 5727362, 5727369,5727377, 5727414, 5739897, 5739903, 5739905, 5739906, 5739919 and 5765167. I hope a smart cutie can add the links for you!!

narellep by narellep 18 Jan 2013

I think the designs are by hightechgrammy.