by drro 27 Dec 2012

I need to embroider a sweat shirt for my DIL grandmom. Does anyone know where there are tutorials on this process? or, just tell me what to do? I looked on YouTube without any success THANKS so much!!


by crafter2243 Moderator 27 Dec 2012

Here is the link to emblibrary's video

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drro by drro 27 Dec 2012

THANKS!! This will be a great help to me! Hugs and God Bless you! Everyone has been so helpful...that is why I love this site:>)

by clawton 27 Dec 2012

Embroidery Library has some great tutorials.

drro by drro 27 Dec 2012

I looked there but could not find the tutorials. DO you have a link? That would be fantastic!! Thanks and God Bless!

pennyhal by pennyhal 28 Dec 2012

Look under Projects.

by rachap 27 Dec 2012

Just a few hints I have found helpful 1. Prewash your sweatshirt so any shrinkage will be done before you start. 2. Use a cutaway stabilizer on the bottom and washaway on top. 3.Check your placement several times before you start embroidering-where will the design be , bust line, centered, off to the side, straight etc.? 4. I turn the shirt inside out and slide the hoop on and watch very carefully that all the rest of the shirt is out of the way-you might have to hold it out & away so you don't accidentally stitch a sleeve into your design. If you have an old shirt you might want to stitch something on it to get comfortable, really, they are easy once you get going. Good luck.

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drro by drro 27 Dec 2012

Thanks so much! Wonderful advice and I will do just as you advise! Hugs and God Bless!!

by keeponsewing 27 Dec 2012

What do you need to know? I embroider on sweat shirts all the time. Send me a pm if you want.

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drro by drro 27 Dec 2012

Thanks! I need to know if you hoop the shirt or lay it on the stabilizer and baste it down, and what type of stabilizer is best. The shirt is 50-50 % poly/cotton. Any other tips would be appreciated also. I bought one on sale to do a trial, but knowing ahead of time what to do will be great! Hugs and Blessings for your help!!