by carolpountney 19 Dec 2012

Well what a happy day, got my emb.machine back handed it in on 7 November, got it back today with a lot of arguments had some good advice from a cute Deane i think, but why does one have to fight so much for what is rightfully ours, have not got much time to complete presents but am going to have a good try, so will be sewing the nights away, Have a Happy Christmas everyone.


by cfidl 21 Dec 2012

That was a long time! Happy Stitching!

by sdrise 20 Dec 2012

Glad your machine is back home!! Stitch away!!! My went in and I got it back in three days. I have been stitching away trying to catch up... Suzanne

by 02kar Moderator 20 Dec 2012

I am so sorry you went through all of the frustration and time. But now ypu can get stitching again.

by asterixsew Moderator 19 Dec 2012

Glad to hear you have your machine back. I am happy to say I have a brilliant dealer. He offers a great service for his customers when I visit the shop and over the phone. I know there are many others who travel quite a distance to have their machines serviced in his shop. If any UK Cuties want his address I am happy to pass it on

by dec716 19 Dec 2012

service isn't what it used to be
I remember when it mattered to people that they please the customer