by i2amanana 13 Nov 2012

Hello, trying to get back in the groove, but i forgot most i know or things have change. Been out of the loop 1 year health reasons. Any way I really like the wicker font offered on Ogregon patchwork by heav.n sent, Is there anyway to get the letters "a" to "M". My sister is a wicker fan and I would like to make her set of doilies for her new wicker set. Any help?


by michele921 13 Nov 2012

you can purchase the entire set further down the page. includes lower and numbers and they have 40% off right now. put link to set

by pennifold 13 Nov 2012

Hi "I am a nana too",

I notice on the page where the MNO are there is a section that says "to Click The Image Below To Download These 3 Letters.
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Scroll Down To See The Sets This Digitizer Has For Sale - ENJOY!"

If you do that you may be able to get the other letters. Love and blessings Chris

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i2amanana by i2amanana 13 Nov 2012

i have done that but have not heard back from anyone. thanks for your help ..... any other suggestions. I really do like this font.

by i2amanana 13 Nov 2012