by bonita1313 24 May 2008

How do you like my new avatar? It is a design I had tattooed onto my arm. I truly do LOVE birds.


by shirlener88 25 May 2008

bonita, what a lovely bird - I knew you were always looking for parrots, but had no idea - WOW. *4U

by marymoore 24 May 2008

wow that does look great

by joaniessw 24 May 2008

Wow, that is beautiful. Lovely job. Ladies, it does not hurt as much as one would think. I got a small red rose with a couple petals (only about 2x1 inches on my right shoulder about 27-28 yrs ago (ooops tells a little about my age). Only one problem.... It fades after the years and unfortunately it is not red any more and the greens aren't no where as vibrant either. I would like a touch up. *4U bonita ><>

by tmbache 24 May 2008

!!!WOW!!! What a bird!! and a tattoo at that. You are one brave girl. Gives me the shiveres just to think about it. Flower for your bravery!

by nglover1 24 May 2008

Very colorful and realistic . You are brave. A flower for you. ( and birdseed for the bird. )

by pafhen 24 May 2008

Oh bonita, I found it! Wow it is really awsome. Thanks for the closeup!

by dlonnahawkins 24 May 2008

Ouch! i don't think I would have the nerve - very colorful!

by pafhen 24 May 2008

Very colorful bonita, wish I could see a closeup.

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bonita1313 by bonita1313 24 May 2008

Hi Pafhen, If you go to this web sight you can see it close up. Just cut and paste this address, scroll halfway down and I am on the right side.

by jrob Moderator 24 May 2008

I like it. It is very colorful and not as messy as having a real one on your shoulder!;)

bonita1313 by bonita1313 24 May 2008

Hi Jrob, I am glad you said that. This is a real tattoo on my left arm and what you said means it looks as though it is not real, which to me means it is a GOOD tattoo. Thanks!

jrob by jrob 24 May 2008

It does look GOOD, that is what I meant. I was making a joke about having a live bird on your shoulder...The tattoo looks live.;)

bonita1313 by bonita1313 25 May 2008

Boy Jrob, I was thinking in the box instead of outside of the box!!! I am pretty dense sometimes or as someone stated on another comment section-I had a brain fart! Anyway sweetie--I have 4 of these little monster parrots to perch on my shoulder. You are right--they can be messy!!! I still love them!!

by simplyrosie 24 May 2008

Cool Bonita... would you believe I sketched a giraffe 13 years ago and had it tattooed on my Grandmother's ankle. LOL... For her 70th Mother's Day, she wanted a tattoo... had to wait until my Grandfather died (he wouldn't have allowed it).