by thecraftycritter 09 Nov 2012

A short while back there was a short discussion regarding "Hide It" (a permanent topping to keep the background from showing through on the embroidery}. At that time it appeared to be discontinued from Sew for Less. However, today I found it under the name "Stabilize It" at Amazing Designs. The price is outrageous a 26" x 36" piece for $8 per each color. I much preferred the 8 1/2 x 11 box of assorted colors. But when nothing else will work, I guess it's worth it.


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by eastwitch2 edited 09 Nov 2012

You can get the Cover-Up Topping at the Hoop It All website.
Under Stabilizers.
It is the same as Hide It.
They sell it in various sized rolls or in pre cut sized sheets in packages of different colors.
Link below
Click on Cover Up.

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thecraftycritter by thecraftycritter 10 Nov 2012

Thank you for the site - never can understand how they come up with all these different names for the same product - sure makes it tough on the Google searches

by tilde01 09 Nov 2012

I agree with pennyhal, too pricey for me. I use something called Cloud Cover from DBS. You iron it on the back of items that will be next to the skin, so sensitive skin is not scratched by the embroidery.

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thecraftycritter by thecraftycritter 10 Nov 2012

This is a topping - goes on the front side of the fabric to hide the base color - like if you want a white snowman on a navy sweatshirt

by pennyhal 09 Nov 2012

Yep. Too $$$. It would have to be something really really special to be working on to use it.