by nancygiroir 30 Oct 2012

does anyone have any information about the status of Long Beach, New York? My brother lives there and we haven't been able to contact him at all. I know the power is out, are the cell phone towers down there too? Is there extensive flooding? Any help with information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Nancy


by airyfairy 01 Nov 2012

So very pleased your brother is safe. Sarah.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 01 Nov 2012

thank you

by nancygiroir 31 Oct 2012

just wanted to thank everyone for their input and prayers. my brother was able to contact me today....he is fine!!! he has extensive damage, 6 feet of water on the first floor, car gone, etc., the main thing is HE IS SAFE!!!! Again, I want to thank everyone. what a wonderful group of people you are! Nancy

bumblebee by bumblebee 31 Oct 2012

So very good to hear-warm hugs for you and yours.

jrob by jrob 01 Nov 2012

Nancy, I'm so happy to hear that he is safe.

nancygiroir by nancygiroir 02 Nov 2012

thank you very much.

by cherylgauteng 31 Oct 2012

All my best wishes from South Africa - will be thinking of you and your brother. It is just so sad that things like this happen.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 31 Oct 2012

thank you

by loosie 31 Oct 2012

Praying for you and all the families.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 31 Oct 2012

thank you

by bumblebee 31 Oct 2012

Long Beach was hit hard, so many without electricity and cells are unreliable due to overload of calls and loss of power. He will most likely
get a hold of you as soon as he can.
My heart goes out to you and prayers for you and your family.

Maybe he was able to get ahold of another family member.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 31 Oct 2012

unfortunately even his son in Brooklyn hasn't been able to reach him. Thanks so much for the information.

by momhome 30 Oct 2012

Will add your family to my prayers. Let us know when you find out how he is.

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 31 Oct 2012

I will, thank you for your prayers.

by capoodle 30 Oct 2012

Will be praying for the safety of your brother.
Copied and pasting this bit I found for you. Could not get a link to work: "Nassau exec: Up to 20,000 still in Long Beach
October 30, 2012 19:25 GMT
Associated Press
LONG BEACH, N.Y. (AP) -- Nassau County Executive Edward Mangano says 15,000 to 20,000 people in the city of Long Beach did not obey mandatory evacuation orders and are now dealing with water that is unsafe for drinking or washing and a sanitation system that isn't working.
Mangano on Tuesday afternoon urged the residents to leave the city on the southern coast of Long Island and stay with friends or in one of several Red Cross shelters open in the area.
The area remained without power, and mobile phone service was spotty."

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nancygiroir by nancygiroir 31 Oct 2012

thank you for the information, and for your prayers.