by salsabil 29 Sep 2012

Autum placemats, three differennt designs from emblib.

More pics at my blog


by grandmeaux1 05 Oct 2012

Very pretty and the colors are vey nice.
Thanks for sharing.

by lidiad 03 Oct 2012

That's beautiful, love the colors you have chosen.
Hugs, Lidia

by momhome 03 Oct 2012

Your choice of colors on this fabric makes your designs really pop out. They are beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

by salsabil 02 Oct 2012

For Gandu

gandu by gandu 02 Oct 2012

Very very sorry to trouble you like this but it does not show up on my pc any way sorry for the trouble and many many thanks for your replys
Hugs Brenda

salsabil by salsabil 02 Oct 2012

Brenda I-m sorry that I'm not able to write these post all in english, normal conversation is easy, but such explanations are very very time consumming...maybe in my next holidays, thanks for your patience

gandu by gandu 02 Oct 2012

You are so very kind to answer my post I love to sew and the bag is wonderful dont worry about it thanks for taking time to answer Big hug Brenda

gandu by gandu 02 Oct 2012

Oh Salsabil i clicked on you name and google translate and it translated for me I am so very happy many many thanks I will be making the bag after all thanks again i love your designs as well Hugs Brenda

salsabil by salsabil 03 Oct 2012

Please show a picture when you finished it ((-;
I'm so glad you got it!
Hugs Gaby

gandu by gandu 04 Oct 2012

Yes I will thanks once again Hugs Brenda

by gandu 29 Sep 2012

The placemats is beautiful great colours I went through the site and love that sewing bag but unfortunately cant understand a word of the instruction very sad Hugs Brenda

salsabil by salsabil 30 Sep 2012

There is a a Translator in the sidebar hope it will help!

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 30 Sep 2012

The Translator did not work. sigh.

salsabil by salsabil 30 Sep 2012

In the little window below the word Translator you have to choose the language,with the arrow and than after a liittle time it translate I just try and it works. Give it another chance ((-;

gandu by gandu 01 Oct 2012

Very sorry to trouble you again but I still dont know how to translate it . I tried clicking it Hugs Brenda

by capoodle 29 Sep 2012

The designs really pop out with the thread colors you used. Pretty.

by buffy1 29 Sep 2012

great job!

by loosie 29 Sep 2012

this is nice :)

by caroldann 29 Sep 2012

Very nice. I have this set from emblibrary and haven't stitched the out yet. Now I have an idea on how to use them. Hugs..Carol

by bumblebee 29 Sep 2012

Preety pumpkin design

by oaro 29 Sep 2012

very nice job

by pennyhal2 29 Sep 2012

Great color choices for your threads! What fabric is your placemat made of? It looks like a heavy felt, but it would seem impossible to hoop. Good work!

salsabil by salsabil 29 Sep 2012

I didn't hoop the felt, I made basting frames around, and stitch the frame first at the backing than place the mat and fixed it with a second frame

pennyhal2 by pennyhal2 30 Sep 2012

Thanks for the info!

by jenne 29 Sep 2012

I love these can you give me a link for them?

by futte 29 Sep 2012


by gerryvb 29 Sep 2012

it looks adorable!

by sorval 29 Sep 2012

this look great Salsabil
well done
hugs Sonja aka queen hunt lol

by lindaavolio 29 Sep 2012

Beautiful !

by highlandermom 29 Sep 2012

These are really nice designs. Love swirly it fits with the Autumn season.

by noah 29 Sep 2012

love them hugs

by salsabil 29 Sep 2012

all together

noah by noah 29 Sep 2012

another great project love it isn't fall fun hugs

bumblebee by bumblebee 29 Sep 2012

these sre preety too

salsabil by salsabil 30 Sep 2012


by cj2sew 29 Sep 2012

This looks sew elegant. I really like this design.

by ansalu 29 Sep 2012

Sieht klasse aus. Das sind 3 verschiedene Muster von emb kombiniert? Wow...

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salsabil by salsabil 29 Sep 2012

Das war ein design set, die anderen Motive kannst du im blog sehenn!