by drro 16 Sep 2012

I want to embroider a low stitch count design on fleece. I could use any help! I could not find any video tutorials..Thanks in advance! ( I first posted this in chat by accident ..not too familiar with the operational tabs yet :>) sorry.)


by moyed 17 Sep 2012

I make baby keepsake blankets with on fleece. I use iron on tearaway on the back and wss on the top. Have no trouble with them. I only use 'light' designs, so redwork will be fine.
hugs Helen

by jrob Moderator 16 Sep 2012

I would use a tear-away underneath, either sprayed with temp. spray adhesive and pinned or use a basting stitch that fit my hoop (will be a bit tricky to remove stitches) and use water Soluble on top to keep your stitches from sinking in and disappearing. ;)

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drro by drro 16 Sep 2012


by cfidl 16 Sep 2012

I found you! Not too much help though. I am assuming it a Redwork design which I have not done on fleece. I did make puppets which looked fine with outline work. I had to use iron-on stabilizer (fine to medium peltex) to deal with the stretch. Unfortunately it stays, and I am not sure you want that. Live Laugh Download Stitch!

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drro by drro 16 Sep 2012

Yes, I want to do a design that is pretty on both sides, since it will be a scarf. Using the same bobbin color, it should be nice on both sides...Emb Library has a PDF & they gave similar stabilizing directions as you & jrob! Thanks!