by fannyfurkin 11 Sep 2012

Some time ago there was a post explaining how to print on fabric with freezer paper. Can someone please describe this technique again for me.

Thanks heaps.


by danababes 13 Sep 2012

Alice, you can buy t-shirt transfer paper for printers (mine is the Canon brand) here in Aus. I got mine from my local newsagent but I think that Officeworks will have it too (think I saw it at either Kmart or Target too). There are two types: one for dark fabrics and one for light fabrics. Even though they're called "t-shirt" transfer paper you can use wovens etc. You print your designs/images, cut them out then iron onto the fabric. Good fun :) xXx

by meganne 13 Sep 2012

Alice I found the link below to be most helpful.

But I believe it was eggyannie who posted the original info on this.
hugs n roses, Meg

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dragonflyer by dragonflyer 13 Sep 2012

This is exactly what I do and it works just great...inexpensive and quick and I always have the components on hand when I need them...I always heat set the ink with an iron after the printing has set and dry...

by fannyfurkin 12 Sep 2012

thank you so much everyone. It won't do what I wanted it to do I thought that there was some way of printing onto something then ironing the print on to transfer it. never mind, I do appreciate all of the help.

jasanne by jasanne 12 Sep 2012

You can buy 'transfer paper' which you print on and then iron it onto fabric. I have used it a couple of times on t-shirts.

jasanne by jasanne 12 Sep 2012

just remember to print any words in 'mirror' so they come out the right way on the fabric.

by grafiau 12 Sep 2012

Alice, the stuff I bought is called bubble jet set 2000, you soak your fabric in this stuff, rinse lightly and dry/iron then you use the freezer paper to guide your fabric through your bubble jet printer, however I just found a do it yourself recipe for the solution on this site Ruth

by drro 12 Sep 2012

I found the one I was thinking about:>)...looks like you have a few now:>)

by jasanne 12 Sep 2012

here are a couple of links to eggyannies freezer paper printing.

by drro 12 Sep 2012

Hi Alice, Eggyannie posted about this almost a year ago, I found these by using the search here on cute. I saved them, but could not find them in my files....must have lost them:>)

by grafiau 11 Sep 2012

Alice, I have the special solution and the freezer paper for the technique you have requested, I bought the stuff from a craft show several years ago, but have not used it yet. I will pull out the instructions and post them for you later today if that is ok, as I have to pull all the bits out of the sewing mire, that is my sewing room,lol Ruth