by melnic 08 Sep 2012

Wondering - how many sewing machines of the same brand do you own? Is it biasty or do you also believe in the product?


by DEGJ 10 Sep 2012

I have a Viking computerized machine, a White serger, two Brother Emb. machines - (only use the new one) and a very old Singer Feather Light.
I recently sold a commercial Singer.


by ssampsel 10 Sep 2012

i have 5 berninas, 830(+ the quilting frame set that fits it), 730, 430, & 2 sergers. the first 4 i bought because i loved the quality but after buying the 830 i'm not so much in love with bernina anymore & will probably try another brand next time!

ssampsel by ssampsel 10 Sep 2012

i forgot about my grandmothers old treadle singer that's in the living room.

melnic by melnic 10 Sep 2012

I've never seen so many treadle Singers in my life, we were in Europe in July and went to a market in Budapest Hungary. Would have loved to bring one back to South Africa - that frame work would look beautiful in my garden ...

by killiecrankie 09 Sep 2012

Janome 8ooo which will be useless when the board dies because they are not making the part any more
Singer Futura what a white elephant the embroidery section is
Singer treadle that I got a kid
Another old machine
Bernette overlocker over 20yrs old
Babylock Evolve overlocker

by cooperal 09 Sep 2012

Am I the only Pfaff owner?!?!? I began with a Pfaff 7570 about 15-16 years ago, traded it in on the 2140, which has had "brain surgery" twice -- i.e. updated to the 2144 and then to the 2170. This is what I use as my basic machine. About a year ago I purchased the Pfaff Creative Vision and I also have the Pfaff Coverlock 4872. I use them all, sometimes both embroidery machines at the same time depending on the size of the embroidery. I recently let 4 of my older machines go to a mission in South America.
Sewing keeps me energized and I love seeing what everyone posts -- no matter what their machine -- the work is ALWAYS AWESOME!! Blessings, Avis

by aleene 09 Sep 2012

I have 3 singers, 2 brothers 1 consew

by pennyhal2 09 Sep 2012

I have 3 Berninas, 2 Babylocks, and 1 Singer. Each one was chosen for the specific function I wanted.

by ansalu 09 Sep 2012

I have
- brother lock 929D overlocker (10 years old, my first highquality machine),
- Janome MC350E ( a terrible diva, always making trouble, never again)
-brother innovis 750E (not so many extras like the janome but a real workhorse and always steady)
-Bernina 1230 (about 30 years old, inherited from my godmother who died 2 years ago and worked her hole life in a clothing factory)
-as covering 2 cheap sewing machines from the discounter
My dream: A multineedle-machine like a brother PR1000 or a Melco :o)
Greetings, Bettina

melnic by melnic 10 Sep 2012

Hi Bettina, not sure but are a serger and an overlocker the same? I also have a dream of a multi needle machine although both my embroidery machines are fairly new!

asterixsew by asterixsew 10 Sep 2012

Yes sergers and overlockers are the same

by Janus48 09 Sep 2012

Two Vikings, three Kenmores, two Singers, two Whites and partridge in a pear tree!!! Looking through all the comments, I think Cuties own about 2/3 of the worlds sewing machines (old and new - two of mine are old treadle machines)!! We collect fabric, designs and sewing machines...and a fabulous lot of friends!!!

by elizabethak 09 Sep 2012

Funny how you moove to the ones you remember. I would have loved to have bought a Singer when I use young as my mom had one she bought in 1947. we all grew up using the machines right dowm to my wedding dress in 1971. My wedding presnt was a Bernina 740 which was chosen as it had a treadle which I couldn't get in any other michine. I still have it and wouldn't seel it for the world. My new machine was a 440 but was stolen some months ago. The new one is a Bernina 580 which I love but it took some getting used to since I was so into my 440. I don't think I would buy anything else.

by gandu 09 Sep 2012

I am a singer girl all my machines are singers embroidery, sewing and serger all 15 of them one kenmore I love all of them they all work fine. the latest is singer xl400

by lenamae 09 Sep 2012

2 brothers sewing machine and
1 Brothers embroidery whitch is a mistake to buy has been in the shope more than I have hed it here.
1 little Gem machine for taking to clases.
i old Singer 1941.
1 Kinmore sewing machine
1 Kinmore surger

by orangetiger 09 Sep 2012

2 bernina embroidery
1 bernina old 830
1 bernina serger
1 babylock serger

Love the quality of my Berninas.

by jobaby 09 Sep 2012

Bought a Designer 1 Viking new 7 or 8 years ago with the embroidiery unit so when our dealer put trade ins on sale last year I bought another D1 for a pittance. Love them both. Also have an ancient Bernia(1230) that does some things the newer ones won't do. We have given Vikings to our granddaughters as well.

by sdrise 09 Sep 2012

Babylock enterprise 10 needle, the Babylock Ellisimo
and the babylock serger my Babylocks...

by bevgrift 09 Sep 2012

4 Bernina and 2 Brothers.
And much prefer the Bernina.
Happy Stitching!

by terriweistra 09 Sep 2012

I have four :)
1 x Elna sewing machine, small & light for lessons
1 x Elna Quilter Pro, for all my home sewing
1 x Elna Overlocker (Serger)
1 x Elna Embroidery Machine ........ so obviously I LOVE Elna :)

1 comment
melnic by melnic 09 Sep 2012

We definitely have something in common - I even have the Elna steam iron combo, Bought my first Elna in 1984 - so I love ELNA too!

by oigelcox 09 Sep 2012

I have 4 Janome machines at the moment. I did own five but gave it to my DRs MIL. I bought it in 1974 and it still sews like a dream. I bought an Empisall in the 1960s it never sewed right so traded it in for my first Janome and would never buy anything else. I have tried my friends machines and am always glad to get back to my own. Hugs Joyce

by gigi70alvarran 09 Sep 2012

I have 7. 2 brother,2 singer,2 europro serger and sew the last one spree i buy in thift store with no hoop so i need one.:}:}

by aussiequilter 09 Sep 2012

I have 6 Janome machines
2 x 350E embroidery only
1 x 11000 combination embroidery and sewing
1 x 2101 good to take to class ,its nice and light
1 x coverpro
1 x over locker
I also have 2 very old Singer overlockers about 25 to

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 09 Sep 2012

30 years old

melnic by melnic 09 Sep 2012

Not sure but from what I've seen abroad the Janome & the Elna are the same brand - they look the same!

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 09 Sep 2012

hhhhmmmm thats interesting ,I dont know I have not seen an Elna

aussiequilter by aussiequilter 09 Sep 2012

oh yeah , I forgot I also have a janome 8000,on which the screen is getting very dark now, what a shame it was a gift from my MIL about 15 years ago

by airyfairy 09 Sep 2012

Both my sewing machine and embroidery machine are Bernina - love them to bits. My overlocker is an Empisal. Loved reading the replies. Sarah.

1 comment
melnic by melnic 09 Sep 2012

Must thank everybody for the comments - we all share the same love - whether it's embroidery or just sewing ....

by babie 09 Sep 2012

When I bought my 2nd machine I ended up with the same brand. Have thereafter seen another brand machine which I would love to have. So next time I am not sure I will get the same brand.

by dollygk 09 Sep 2012

I only have ONE embroidery and ONE sewing, both are Brother, I do like them!

by stock 09 Sep 2012

Ihave 2 brothers & an old 100 that I don't count, also a sewing-embroidery brother that was a mistake, cheap the lady in the spotlight did not know what a usb was, so I just got it, like the way it cuts when normal sewing ' 4 janome overlocklers. 2 for blk 2 white, 3 and 4 thread, saves changing. and a few in the cupboard, forgot an old singer thats terrific at winding bobbins so all done on it.

by bevintex 08 Sep 2012

one thing we all have in common is no one has just one.

drro by drro 08 Sep 2012


melnic by melnic 09 Sep 2012

So true!

by drro 08 Sep 2012

I have 1-Janome, 1-Babylock, 2-Brother and 2-Husqvarna, and I love them all, as they each have unique features and capacities. They range from 3 years to 3 months old!

1 comment
drro by drro 08 Sep 2012

they range from 30 to 3 months! lost the "0"!

by nama2 08 Sep 2012

I own Baby-Loc machines. 2 emb, 1 serger, 1 regular,1 quilt machine....... have a dealer who can work on them all, also they are user friendly.

by debleerl 08 Sep 2012

Five Janomes including my old faithful New Home which was made by Janome about 1970. I bought the other Janomes because I needed my New Home serviced and really liked the service/dealers. The others are the MC10001 sewing/embroidery; 6500P Sewing; a serger and a coverpro (don't know the numbers off the top of my head). I also have a 1947 Singer my DH bought from a thrift store for $25. It is a work horse I've been collecting attachments for it; I've had to research some of them to see what they do but haven't tried them yet; to many projects. My 4 yr old GD thinks the Singer is hers since I've been teaching her to sew on it.

lenamae by lenamae 09 Sep 2012

I have a 1041 shiner sews like a dream looks just like new I bought at a yard sale for 20.00 .I love it

lenamae by lenamae 09 Sep 2012

sorry singer machine

by grandmamek 08 Sep 2012

3 Janomes and 1 Kenmore (made by Janome) I use them all. I am a fan of the Janome brand. I had a Husquevarna but ended up selling it as I just did not like it as well as my other machines.

by fannyfurkin 08 Sep 2012

I have 2 brother multi-needle embroidery machines and a brother sewing machine. My overlocker is a janome. I updated my sewing machine to a brother because I got a good deal from the place I bought my embroidery machines.

by nancygiroir 08 Sep 2012

I have four Singer machine; and use them all! My oldest one I use for heavy duty (since it's not computerized; my bottom-of-the-line machine I primarily use for sewing in general; my top-of-the-line I use for embroidery only; and the last one is my serger. I've always loved Singer machines...I just keep jumping from one to the other!!

by patsy28 08 Sep 2012

2 brothers
2 husqvarna
1 janome

Love them all. My brothers are the newest and the Janome is my newest serger. The Husqvarna are about 20 years old but they have been faithful friends.

by caroldann 08 Sep 2012

I'm a Janome girl. Serger, 3160QDC sewing machine and the 11000SE embroidery, sewing, quilting machine. I love my dealer and the service I get. Hugs..Carol

by asterixsew Moderator 08 Sep 2012

2 Brother embroidery machines, I Bernina minimatic and a overlock machine. I nearly forgot I also have a small Elna which I picked up 2 years ago from a charity shop. So I have a mixed bag as it where of machines. I bought my second embroidery machine making sure it was the same as the first as I was so pleased with it. What machines do you have?

melnic by melnic 09 Sep 2012

Bought my first Elna sewing machine in 1972 and paid it off at R20-00 per month. Got hooked on Elna as a lot of the accessories are inter-changeable and today I own 7 - all Elnas

melnic by melnic 10 Sep 2012

Actually thinking back, my first machine was the Lotus 1500 (a Japanese version of the Elna) Today it's manufactured in Switzerland.

asterixsew by asterixsew 10 Sep 2012

My Elna is a Lotus SP and was made in Switzerland. My younger daughter has her grandmothers Lotus SP and loves it. 7 Elnas sounds bliss

by greysewist Moderator 08 Sep 2012

Funny, you asked how many we own, but not how many we actually use :) Janome Overlocker/serger, Janome MC5000 (not used now), 300E (also 'resting')350E in use. Older Pfaff -original work machine, Pfaff quilting machine -work back-up machine. Juki Quilting machine -current work machine. The lighting and space is so much better on the newer machines now & this is very reliable. Also have a Bernina older machine stored that I would loan out if a friend needed a basic machine.

1 comment
melnic by melnic 09 Sep 2012

You're very fortunate to let your machines rest - my work horse, an Elna 9000 I am using to wind bobbins while the embroidey machines are running.

by suelyn7 08 Sep 2012

2 brother 1singer 1 Toyota and i love em all,each one is very good at certain things. ie the Toyota does brilliant shirring elastic, the brother sewing machine does beautiful buttonholes.

by 02kar Moderator 08 Sep 2012

I have 4 Babylocks. I believe in the brand and have never looked at another type of machine in 6 years.

by noah 08 Sep 2012

Oh dear i loved Singer because the repair man was the best now Husqvarna has bought the company and there all one big happy family(here anyways)
I have 4 singers 2 husqvarnas 1 brother plus 3 others ok lol

by marjialexa Moderator 08 Sep 2012

2 Janomes, 1 embroidery, 1 sewing. I believe in the product, and for me most important, my dealer! Hugs, Marji

by nhsmith55 08 Sep 2012

I have 3 Berninas.
1 just for sewing, 1 sewing/embroidery, and 1 serger.
I'm biased, I guess!

by lehewj1 08 Sep 2012

2 brothers one embroidery and sewing
one embroidery only Disney

1 Husqvarna Sapphire sewing machine.

Brother and Husqvarna are both really good machines as far as I am concerned

by bevintex 08 Sep 2012

2 Brothers
2 Singers
I prefer the brother brand and will not buy another Singer.

roberta by roberta 08 Sep 2012

One Juki sewing machine and serger, one Sapphire, and one Designer 1. Love all them but can only sew on one at a time. I see someone else has a Sapphire. I'd like to know how you like it. I love mine. I sew on it more than my Juki due to the wider sewing field. roberta

greysewist by greysewist 08 Sep 2012

I've a Juki too Roberta. It's a quilting machine but I use it for heavy duty 'work' sewing. Much better than the modern Pfaff for this work.