by njola 07 Sep 2012

When the story has finished is nice to have the storypersons around. Make them remember. Did this digitizing only for my grandchildren.


by ansalu edited 22 Sep 2012

This looks wonderful. Like the others I never heard of that tale but I'm always pleased when I can learn something from another country.

Hope you will share one or two of your wonderful designs (love your icelandic santa) with us :o)

Greetings, Bettina

PS: Worked a long time for a big swedisch furniture company and loved the stories about Tomte.

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njola by njola 22 Sep 2012

Thanks, but that design is taken from the book so I don´t dear to share it.

by lidiad 17 Sep 2012

Great job!
Hugs, Lidia

by buffy1 08 Sep 2012

great job!

by momhome 08 Sep 2012

You did a great job. I really like. This makes me want to find the story and read it.

by noah 07 Sep 2012

Awesome hugs

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njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Takk :)

by pldc 07 Sep 2012


by loosie 07 Sep 2012

Well done :)

by bumblebee 07 Sep 2012

Nicely done

by marjialexa Moderator 07 Sep 2012

I'm sure the grandchildren will appreciate having this, and your digitizing is really good. I'm wondering what the story was? It looks like the mother is either welcoming the boy home, or telling him good-bye, but it is a happy voyage, anyway. How wonderful that you can see the love on their faces from just such a few digitized lines. Very well done, Njola. Hugs, Marji

njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

It´s a children story called The last troll after an icelandic author Steinar Berg. It has been translated to english.

njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Asyou can guess the woman is the troll

marjialexa by marjialexa 09 Sep 2012

I looked it up, Njola, it's a great story! I found out Steinar Berg runs his farmhouse as a guesthouse. If I would come to Iceland I would stay there. Oh, I wish, I wish. Thanks, hugs, Marji

njola by njola 11 Sep 2012

Hopefully you will visit our country, the trolls are hiding in the mountains he he :)

by sigrun 07 Sep 2012

Já þú hefur ekki setið auðum höndum Njóla mín - en þetta er flott.

njola by njola 07 Sep 2012


njola by njola 07 Sep 2012

Sendu mér skilaboð ef þig langar í ehv

by gerryvb 07 Sep 2012

great job

by terriweistra 07 Sep 2012

Very nice :)

by highlandermom 07 Sep 2012

Very nice

by oaro 07 Sep 2012

looks great