by stillbehind 05 Sep 2012

Hi everyone. For those needing nylon zippers for ITH projects please be advised that Wawak Co. has them on sale again. They are buy 2 get one free. The shorter sizes begin with item #168 (the last few pages). They offer great service and the shipping is very reasonable (they are light weight!). The addy is below.

Happy stitching,
Ellen in Las Vegas


by lindalee757 05 Sep 2012

I love their selection and prices-I have ordered from them twice in less than a month and about to submit another-they have a $10 off a $50 order-plus their specials-doesn't take me long to add up that much. I love that it is at my door within 1-2 days of ordering ~linda~

by bevintex 05 Sep 2012

I just bought 50 nylon coil 8 inch zippers from the $9.99 and free shipping.

by clintonmiss22 05 Sep 2012

Yea! I've been waiting, so I get to go shopping tonight.