by louisecockeran 03 Sep 2012

Hi all my Cutie Friends, I need help how do you open a RAR file? I have embird but I can not open it. Please help. Hugs Louise


by mary51 04 Sep 2012

You got the answer! I use 7zip easy to use!

by anangel 04 Sep 2012

Louise, when you right click on a file in Embird to convert a design, if you look lower down you will see the option to "unzip" a file. This option will unzip the RAR file. It will be unzipped into whichever folder you have the RAR file currently saved. You will find once the RAR is unzipped, several folders of different formats will be displayed. Choose your format folder, open, and save the design/designs within.

by jofrog2000 04 Sep 2012

I also use 7zip (recommenended here a long time ago)on rar files. So easy, and I have found I can unzip a bunch of files at the same time! Real time saver as I go through old saved zip files.

by bokkieborduur 04 Sep 2012

Hi Louise, I've downloaded the extractor file and openall my rar files with it. Hugs. Marie

by castelyn 04 Sep 2012

Louise see you have gotten your answer, will just leave a *4 all Hugs Yvonne

by louisecockeran 04 Sep 2012

Thank You very very much Hugs to you all!!!!

by crafter2243 Moderator 03 Sep 2012

Yes I use 7zip for all the zipped files as well. RAR is one of them. Nice thing is that it is a free download.

by danababes 03 Sep 2012

You need to extract the archive/folder to be able to see the files before you can use them in Embird, I do believe. 7zip is a free archive compression/decompression program which I use instead of WinRAR (which is the program ppl usually use to extract rar's). Link below :) xXx

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stock by stock 04 Sep 2012

thankyou for the info. having trouble opening too. wendy