by kryztyna 01 Sep 2012

Help. I am looking for a big teddy bear pattern with an applique tummy for a friend.It is her first baby. Free if possible, Thanks


by lenamae 02 Sep 2012

I would just make my own bear and do it the way I wanted to .they are not hard to make .. but I always have to to it the hard way think it looks better,'
Hugs Lenamae

by bevintex 02 Sep 2012

here they are,remove the pouch and embroider on the the tummy

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marjialexa by marjialexa 02 Sep 2012

Yes, yes, thanks, these are the ones! Thanks so much, Bev.

by marjialexa Moderator 02 Sep 2012

This got my brain going, but then it stalled, hee hee hee. I'm remembering a long time ago people were doing bears that they had purchased from somewhere, that were made to be embroidered on, like on the tummy, because they weren't stuffed. They came open and ready to hoop and then you stuffed the tummy. I remember a picture in Projects of someone having poor little teddy squeezed under the presser foot with his little head hanging out. Does anyone remember these, and how to find the Projects with the information where people got the bears? I think this would be perfect for new babies, that's why people were making them. But that's where my memory stalled. Anybody remember this, and can find it? Hugs, Marji

by capoodle 02 Sep 2012

Here is a free sewing pattern.

by capoodle 02 Sep 2012

If you have an account at Sew Forum this one is free but on the small size. Not sure if you wanted a sewing pattern or an ITH design.

by capoodle 02 Sep 2012

You might be able to find something on this site under "In The Hoop". You could find an applique shape and stitch onto the tummy.