by Simplesewer1 25 Aug 2012

what do you do when your machine is in the shope fothe 5th tome in a month and You want to sew NEED to Sew have to sew , Iam going threw major with drawls . Its maken me sick . Any suggestions other than buying a new machine LOL?


by jasanne 27 Aug 2012

Try and find something else to occupy yourself?
I sure sympathise with you. I have two machines, my brother spent most of last year at the dealers (6 hour drive each way to pick it up!) and still doesn't work properly. Now my Janome is sitting in pieces, waiting for a part, and has been for several months. I've just about given up!!!

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jasanne by jasanne 27 Aug 2012

Wish I could afford a new machine!

by pennyhal 26 Aug 2012

Is it the same problem each time?

by eastwitch2 26 Aug 2012

What machine do you own?

by marjialexa Moderator 26 Aug 2012

Yep, that would be my idea, take your overnite bag and a huge bag of fabric, sit down at one of the machines, and say, "I'll just be right here till you get mine fixed. Don't worry, it's no trouble for me to sew here." Hee hee hee. It does sound as though you either have a lemon, or an inept service person. Is this the dealer you purchased your machine from? After all this, I'd certainly tell them that I need a loaner till yours is fixed. My dealer would have offered a loaner the first time, and I would have accepted the second time. They are certainly not doing something right, 5 times in a month is more than once a week, for heaven's sake, just too much! Good luck, hugs, Marji

by susiesembroidery 26 Aug 2012

I would go there and ask to sew on one of their own machines!!! That should show them how much you miss your machine (LOL)..*****(Camp there if need be, hehehe).

by theduchess 26 Aug 2012

I would go to a different repair shop, even if it was a tad further..

by bnilla9241 26 Aug 2012

First, breathe.
Can you go to a quilt store and ask if you can use their classroom machines ?

Hopeful Hugs, Bonnie

by 02kar Moderator 26 Aug 2012

I agree with the others, get a loaner. Or buy a used machine to use as a back up. I also think you either have a lemon or need to try another repair person. Good luck. I think you need to contact the company.

by juanitadenney 26 Aug 2012

Tell the store you NEED a loaner and will keep it until you get your lemon replaced.

by justonlyme 25 Aug 2012

I had that problem when I first bought my machine. Turned out that it was a lemon. The company eventually replaced it after five major overhauls in just a few months. Talk to the store you bought it from. They may even give you a loaner until your machine is repaired or replaced!!

by noah 25 Aug 2012

Ask for a loner while yours is being fixed??hugs

by bevintex 25 Aug 2012

Sounds like you have a lemon,what does the repair shop say? Is it a new machine?