by danababes 18 Aug 2012

Does anyone know where I might find a realistic embroidery machine design that resembles either Brother ULT 2001 or Galaxie 3000 please? I've been looking on many sites but to no avail so far. Thanks :) xXx


by danababes 18 Aug 2012

Since I saw the one on Ann's ULT fix it site I've been on the search .. paid or free, I don't mind :)

You guys who already have the ULT: have you made the cover on Ann's site? I printed out the pattern today and it looks huuuuuge, over 33 inches of fabric for part of the cover, wow. My machine isn't here yet (preloved and the Galaxie not the ULT tho the ULT design I figured would be easier to find). I'm looking forward to being able to do designs larger than 4x4 *happy dance* :) xXx

by capoodle 18 Aug 2012

I have this design in my files and it reads across the top

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danababes by danababes 18 Aug 2012

Thanks, went and got this one .. still on the hunt for the ULT, but this might work if I can't find one, thank you :) xXx

by debi197 18 Aug 2012

thanks for posting this, i have also wanted one.. i have the ult 2001 also.... and love it.


by modo 18 Aug 2012

*That would be fun...I also have a ULT 2001.