by joann1 11 Aug 2012

How do you embroider on real thin fabric. Like a top or thin T-Shirt. How to stabilize it? Please help


by eastwitch2 13 Aug 2012

Floriani link to information on how to stabilize knit type fabrics such as T-Shirts.
Scroll down and read and see the pictures.
Click each picture on the right side of the page for a close look of each

by eastwitch2 12 Aug 2012

Here is a link to the Floriani Website that shows how to stabilize knit type fabrics such as T-shirts.
Click the link below and then you can read the information and also click on each picture on the right to see a closer view of each picture.

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momhome by momhome 13 Aug 2012

Wonderful site. Thanks to all who provided this link.

by dollygk 12 Aug 2012

Many thanks for this!

by marjialexa Moderator 11 Aug 2012

Sorry, here's the correct link to the stabilizer question here on Cute. I must have hit something besides 'copy' when I copied it, duh.

by joann1 11 Aug 2012

Thank you

by bevintex 11 Aug 2012

emblibrary has tutorials on embroidering on almost anything. here is the t shirt help

by marjialexa Moderator 11 Aug 2012

Here's a link to a question that was asked a little while ago about the mesh stabilizer, there's a lot of good information. If the shirt is very thin, like voile, or slightly see-through, the flesh colored iron-on mesh is good for this. The iron on or sticky keeps the fabric from shifting, and the mesh is soft. If you need more stability, more stitches than the stabilizer is rated for, you can put the mesh at right angles to each other, 2 layers; or, you can float a peice of tearaway underneath the hooped fabric & mesh stabilizer. For a regualr t-shirt, you can use normal weight cutaway, not heavy cutaway. Best of luck, I'm sure others will have more help for you. Hugs, Marji

crafter2243 by crafter2243 11 Aug 2012

Marji I think this is the wrong link. I can't find a discussion on the subject.

marjialexa by marjialexa 11 Aug 2012

You're right, I must not have copied the other one. It's above.

by suelyn7 11 Aug 2012

I too would love to know how to embroider on something like voille. Suelyn