by diamondfowler 01 Aug 2012

I was wondering, what would you do if someone insist to come over to sew with you, and your sewing room is so small with all the material and 2 embroidery machine, 2 sergers and two sewing machinesThere just no room for visitors what to do and not be rude? thanks for your replys hugs Diamond


by pennyhal 01 Aug 2012

This reminds of the post we had not too long ago about the lady who insisted that she come to share someone's craft booth with her. It just is simply hard sometimes to say "no." I don't know what "to sew with you" means. Does she want to use one of your machines? Or bring her own? Either way, from what you write, you really don't want her to come over.

So, you have to decide on what you are going to say and keep saying it, and not get distracted into a conversation or discussion or explantion about what you are saying! Such as:
No, I don't enjoy sewing with other people as I like to stay focused on what I'm doing and my space is so small. I don't let others use my machines.
But I won't get in your way.
No, I don't enjoy sewing with other people. Do you want to go the movie Rock Star together?
I'd like to come over and sew with you. Why don't you want to do this?
No. I wouldn't enjoy that. What else would you like to do?
etc. etc. etc. Just keep saying no.

Good luck!

I always, without exception, sew alone.

by dec716 01 Aug 2012

saying NO is not rude!

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dec716 by dec716 01 Aug 2012

that is when done kindly

by asterixsew Moderator 01 Aug 2012

I try to keep interested folk out of my sewing room as there is too much stuff in a small space. The last person that came (I have to say this was by my invitation to them as I was doing some work for them) sat infront of the machine while it sewed. Sometime in the next few weeks a colleague is coming to see my 'new' machine. I have had it for 18 months, so I will have to have a huge sort out first... I agree with mumzyfarm that a few more details might help us give yo more specific answers. Good Luck with whatever happens

by mumzyfarm 01 Aug 2012

There is a lot that you aren't telling us here, Is she a young person wanting to learn from you or just someone butting in on your precious time? I say if she is a young person wanting to learn I would try to make accommodations to teach her how to make something simple that interests her or perhaps she would like to just be like a fly on the wall to learn as you make something your self I don't know about others but I learn a lot watching others. Just be sure you don't just feel as if she is impinging upon your domain and are looking for a way to not have her there. If that is the case just tell her you don't like anyone messing with your stuff.

by ansalu 01 Aug 2012

I would have the same problem *lol*
There is just space enough for me in my mess (just 9sq.m.). Always a problem when a customer wants to come and take a look on my embroidery designs to make a choice for a lamp (can you see the mac at the right? ;o)
If my friend and I wanna do something together we do it at her place cause she has the hole cellar (55sq.m!). Must I say that I'm sometimes envy her?
Has this special friend more space than you? Or like the others said: Dining table. That's what I do when my nieces come and wanna be crafty together with my kids :o)
Greetings, Bettina

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greysewist by greysewist 01 Aug 2012

I sew in a similar sized space to you, Bettina. Yours looks pretty organised though :)

by juanitadenney 01 Aug 2012

I would also have the same problem, my sewing room is so full of stuff I can't even move around in it. If she wanted to come over I would just say we will have to sew at the dining room table as there's not room to get around in my sewing room.

by christracey 01 Aug 2012

I sometimes have a few friends over & we sit at the dining table. No room in my craft/sewing/junk room. lol

by nonna57 01 Aug 2012

I go with oigelcox. Dining room table. Make something simple so you dont need all your "tools of the trade" at your fingertip. Goodluck. Let us know the outcome :)

by rescuer Moderator 01 Aug 2012

Explain your sewing room is too small and offer to go to a class with your friend at a fabric store. It may be repeat info for you and may even be boring too but it will allow the learning/bonding the other person wants.
Greysewist going to their home is a great idea!

by momhome 01 Aug 2012

I agree she should have waited to be invited. If she was a good enough friend she would know how small your sewing room is. If you don't want to be rude - just tell her it is not a good time for you, but maybe you could work something out later. Then that will give you time to think out a compromise - if you really want to sew with her.

by oigelcox 01 Aug 2012

If i dont want to fit my friend in my sewing room i sew with them on the dining room table. hugs Joyce

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bevgrift by bevgrift 01 Aug 2012

Yes, I do too.
There is fun in a sew-along.

by greysewist Moderator 01 Aug 2012

Maybe they're not so polite if they are 'insisting' on coming over. I'd be honest, and tell them you don't have space for that, but perhaps you could make yourself available to visit at *their* home! I would have that problem here, as I'm quite 'housework challenged', plus still have 2 sons at home :)

crafter2243 by crafter2243 01 Aug 2012

Love the wording "housework challenged"
Me too.

diamondfowler by diamondfowler 01 Aug 2012

I am a slob, in my ssewing room but the rest of the house is fine