by nanniesara 30 Jul 2012

Just wondering if there has been a ITH purse pattern larger than 5X7. I have downloaded the 5x7 just wondering looking for ideas for bridesmaids gifts for daughters wedding. I thought about making a tote and matching zipper cases for them.


by oigelcox 31 Jul 2012

Sue has a free 8x8 zip purse on designs for cuties. It is on the first or second page today. hugs Joyce

by lbrow 31 Jul 2012

Go for it Sara/Lillian

by bumblebee 30 Jul 2012

Another idea-these wedding boxes are on sale and they have purses and such things.

by alexgrandma 30 Jul 2012

Embroidery garden has quite a few larger zippered bags.

by alexgrandma 30 Jul 2012

I just bought one from digistitch this past weekend.

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alexgrandma by alexgrandma 30 Jul 2012

It was a purse sorry no zipper.

by pcteddyb 30 Jul 2012

Five Star Fonts has an e-reader case that is 6*10 and works fine as a zipper case for other things too. also has larger size cases (clear fronts and regular).