by kitty2011 23 Jul 2012

So excited... Just received my huge order or embroidery thread this morning :)

Just watch me go now !!!!!!!


by pennifold 23 Jul 2012

Was it the Metro Embroidery thread you ordered Kitty? If so, you will love the colours and they will last for years!! Love Chris

kitty2011 by kitty2011 24 Jul 2012

No it wasn't chris.
In the end I decided on 'creek creations' here in australia.

The metro was going to cost at least $60.00 to send just one pack unfortunately.

Now have my fingers crossed that my machine is happy with them :)

marjialexa by marjialexa 24 Jul 2012

It's too bad shipping from USA to OZ is always so expensive, but I suppose it does have to go a long way. Still, $60 seems excessive, is it picked up by Maori canoe & hand delivered, hee hee hee